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Welcome to Midheim

08 / 08 / 18
Welcome to Midheim

“Before Ragnarok, Sigurd the Drunken would say he saw faces of demons in the stones around us. We all see them now.”

Ragnarok has all but stopped time on Midheim. Its inhabitants – giants, beasts, and the last remaining humans – share nothing in common but the struggle to survive. This brutal island is where you will begin. An unearthly mix of lush green lands, snowy mounds, and barren valleys surround you on your journey to end Ragnarok.

With only an axe to defend yourself, you’ll begin a series of quests that will bring an end to Loki’s madness. Gather your clan and prepare yourself for a battle so great, not even Thor, Odin, or Hel could survive. Before your first quest, here’s what you should know about Midheim.

“In the first year of Ragnarok, Uri the Elder sacrificed all remaining cows to the gods, so that Hel on earth might end. In the second year; the goats. In the third, he offered himself. Uri is gone, and Ragnarok is still with us.”

Ragnarok has driven the beasts to madness. Boar and wolves hunt you – for meat, to protect their young, and because war has driven them to near extinction. No corner is safe on Midheim from these foes. Take heed warrior, these animals are not to be challenged.

Dangerous Lands
Though entirely surrounded by water, Ragnarok has made Midheim a diverse biome with strange and unpredictable climates. Snow, rain, fog, and freezing temperatures will cover the land and may hinder your visibility, leaving you more vulnerable to attack. Aforementioned beasts have quality pelts, providing you and your clan can ambush them and harvest the resources.

Nestled between frozen peaks, burning villages lay tattered after the war. Guarded by giants, these dangerous locales make for brutal battles, but defeating enemies and looting their bodies provides great reward for those brave enough to make the trek.

Devastated Landmarks
Before the apocalypse, Midheim was a beautiful land filled with breathtaking views and serene waters. Ragnarok has devoured these lands causing chaos and unrest. The giants have taken over many of the valleys, Fort Skaal and Fossa Village are in ruins, Bogbosi Mountain is nearly demolished – all the while, death has paved the way for new landmarks. If this island is a mirror of the rest, you’ll find more than Garm’s final resting place.

“What strange island is this? It looks nothing like the world before Ragnarok’s waters swallowed it. My men are reluctant to set foot upon it, but our ship can take us no further. I set this stone in honor of our new home. — Knut Knutsson, Chieftain”

This island marks only the beginning of the journey. Death, destruction, and madness lie ahead. Are you ready, brave warrior?

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