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Monster Hunter Now: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide


Before you get started in the new Monster Hunter game, take some time to familiarize yourself with the world. This is a new breed of the series, and started off using knowledge of the previous games will put you in a bad spot. Think of this as the new breed, with completely different ways to dominate your opponent.

Mobile Gaming

Monster Hunter Now is the new premiere mobile game from Niantic. Anyone familiar with their previous offerings should already understand the value of as a running mate. Grinding is expected in any mobile game, and this is the best way to counter it. Don’t let an obsession with grinding get in the way of the fun offered by Monster Hunter Now. Too many people get burned out trying to get everything in the game while the more efficient players coast their way to the fun parts. Make the most of your gaming time, and it will never lose the fun bits!

Compared To Pokémon Go

Monster Hunter Now will always be compared to Pokémon Go – and that is a good thing. All of the good things will translate over, while all of the bad things will be streamlined. The Monster Hunter world is one of the few franchises that has enough lore to compete with Pokémon. Just like that game, you don’t have to be familiar with the world to enjoy the game. But once you get deep into it, everything else will be that much more fun. Keep in mind the biggest improvement that Monster Hunter Now adds is clearly defined goals. You always know exactly what you need to do, why you’re doing it and how to accomplish it.


Perks Matter

Armor has its own set of perks in Monster Hunter Now. That means getting armor sets has less appeal than matching up armor that has your most wanted perks. Although this can lead to some goofy pairings, matching outfits is more of a vanity move for endgame players. Get armor with skills that match your playstyle and you’ll always come out on top. You can even swap it out based on a difficult fight and then go back to your normal outfit for regular ones.

Mainline The Story

Story locked levels is familiar with some players that have played previous Monster Hunter titles. The story mode in Monster Hunter is more of a flavored tutorial that preps you before the real fun begins. Monsters are unlocked as your progress, so you’ll see more variety deeper into the storyline. This is where a lot of the grinding will take place as you collect materials to take down the same monsters. It can get a bit grindy, but is the easiest way to meet your early game goals. If you’re confident in with the game, mainline the story to see different foes sooner.

The Elemental Advantage

Even when you come prepared, larger monsters can wipe the floor with your character. This is the type of challenge that separates Monster Hunter Now from the competitors. So, what is missing in this scenario? An elemental advantage can break or make the upper hand in a fight. At higher difficulties, elements matter even more. The moment you settle on a weapon type, elements should be right there as the next priority. Don’t let the difficulty curve get you down, elements are usually the answer to winning a fight!


Keep The App Open!

Monster Hunter Now is not just about fighting monsters. Upgrading your equipment requires materials, and there is more than one way to get it. When the app is open, your Felyne will collect materials in the area. This is done automatically through gathering nodes that you walk by and tap. Although the Palico can handle this on their own, it requires the app to be open. This is one of the most refined tap-to-auto-loot systems in gaming, but is easy to miss if you’re not familiar with the Monster Hunter series.

Special Quests Are Tied to Progression

Mainlining the main story is important, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore special quests. Special quests provide plenty of crafting materials and experience. They are daily goals, and easy to do. The special quests are also diverse enough to be a core part of the game. It’s fun, and passive enough to be completed during your normal playtime. Claim these rewards and in no time, you will be on a completely different level than the other players.

A Small Problem with Gathering Points

This isn’t so much of a problem as it is an unknown tip. In order to interact with gathering nodes, you have to be within a specific radius before tapping. This is a bit different than Pokémon Go in its execution and has caused a few players to miss out on a couple of free resources. The first few times it happens is no big deal, but many players have missed out on a horde of items due to the gathering node not registering.

Be Patient

Just because a monster is bigger that does not mean it will offer better resources. Small monsters are just as useful, and a perfect way to test out new gear. You don’t want to face an unknown monster with an experimental set up. Not only will they beat you down, but you’ll waste valuable resources trying to defeat them. Build up a ‘stock’ of drops by defeating smaller monsters. On the plus side, this will also fill your Special Skill gauge for the bigger fights.



Use paintballs to tag monsters that you want to fight later. Whether done manually or automatically with your Palico, it will allow you to tackle the encounter at your convenience. Paintballs are limited, and the encounter is a one and done. That means you should only tag monsters that are capable of being defeated!

Niantic Does It Again

No one will ever doubt what is possible after the success of Pokémon Go. Monster Hunter is still fighting its way into the mainstream, so this game serves the perfect addition. Augmented reality games may have a new champion, and its name is Monster Hunter Now.