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On the Path to Quitting Smoking? Here are the Pros and Cons of Popular Methods

By now, it’s well known that the risks of developing lung cancer, heart disease, and pulmonary problems are increased when you smoke. These health issues are primarily why many smokers consider quitting. According to a report published in JAMA Network, 54% of smokers reported that they had already quit, and quitting before the age of 48 revealed a reduction in mortality, 21% higher than that associated with respondents who had never smoked.

Considering the benefits of quitting could compel you to never pick up a cigarette ever again. Research published by BMC Public Health shows that smokers perceived quitting as a way to negate the harmful health effects of smoking and reduce the cost of money they spend on cigarettes. But if you’re looking to quit, it’s important to know which method suits you best. Here are the pros and cons of popular smoking cessation techniques:



Quitlines help link you with coaches who provide useful resources such as free medications to help you quit smoking. A quitline allows you to have access to expert advice and tips that help you succeed – all for free and without judgment. This method has become easier thanks to public health programs, as you only need to dial 1-800-QUIT-NOW to access quitline services in the United States. However, it’s best to note that accessing these services may be hampered if there are telephone or mobile line connectivity issues and possible long queues for consultation. Additionally, the reach and effectiveness of quitlines rely largely on funding support. Overall, this method is helpful if you have limited mobility or if there’s no clinic or medical expert near you, but access can be hampered due to a variety of factors.

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are small pouches that you place between your lip and gum. Flavored pouches like ZYN are worth a try if you’re looking for alternatives to help you quit smoking because they contain varied strengths to help you gradually lower nicotine consumption, and they are tobacco-free and discreet to use. However, the use of these pouches may sometimes need to be monitored. Some side effects of ZYN include mouth soreness if you’re still not used to putting something between your lip and gum. You may also experience stomach upset depending on your sensitivity to certain flavors like peppermint, so it’s best to find the right taste for your stomach or opt for flavorless pouches in the meantime.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) enables you to talk with an expert to help identify smoking triggers and provide healthier coping strategies – such as relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation – to distract you from cigarette cravings. In our previous article on 7 Ways to Heal the Body using the power of the mind, we highlighted how yoga can help bring calm and get rid of unwanted thoughts, which could include cravings to smoke. This method is helpful because it trains you to reshift and alter your thoughts and behavior to make healthier choices in life. It could, however, take up a lot of your time, especially if you have work, so be sure to consider scheduling constraints if you’re looking to attend CBT sessions. It may also not be suitable for people with complex needs and learning difficulties that may require them to try a different approach.


Quitting cold turkey

Quitting cigarettes abruptly may boost your chances of remaining abstinent, especially if you’re determined to stop smoking entirely and immediately. When you quit smoking cold turkey, you’ve already begun your cessation journey. But this can be difficult because you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as intense cravings for cigarettes, irritability, and difficulty sleeping. If you’re used to having a cigarette between your lips, you can try replacing it with hard candy or Mentos chewing gum to help you deal with pattern triggers that make you want to smoke again.

Each smoking cessation path is unique for everyone, so it’s important to find which one works for you. You can also combine these methods to help boost success in your quitting journey.