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Updated FAQ – 6/13/2018

06 / 13 / 18
Updated FAQ – 6/13/2018

We’re excited to be back at E3 this year meeting with our friends in the press during Good Shepherd’s Indie Heaven! It seems like just last year we were pitching the original Rune in a trailer outside of E3…or maybe that was 20 years ago.

While we’re at E3, we thought we’d round up several of your unanswered questions from the Facebook AMA for an updated FAQ. Keep the questions coming and stay tuned for an exciting Rune update this week!

Will other players be able to pick up thrown weapons and throw them back at you or use them against you?
Yes! If you throw your weapon either into another player or if you miss another player, they will be able to remove it or pick it up and use it against you.

Will there be various cultures?
No. There will not be different cultures in the initial Rune release.

Will there be areas on the map that you can fast travel to?
We currently do not have plans for fast travel, but we do have teleportation rune stones (more on that later!) and different re-spawn points throughout the world.

Will you have a twist ending where Loki is the good guy, ensuring that a new world can be made from the ashes of the old?
Hmmm…We don’t currently have plans for this, but we’ll see what happens!

Will there be any minigames?
No, there will not be traditional minigames.

Is city building a feature of the game?
City building is not a feature of the game during initial release.

Can you craft torches?

Will characters show visual signs of injury, like scars or bruises?
Characters will have scars, but not bruises. This feature will be available in the character creator. Currently no scars that accumulate over time from battles.

Will there be villages or towns with docks and such from where you can upgrade or sell your vessel(s)?
This is not planned for the initial release.

Will there be ship dismantling for resources – say a defeated ship which is full of free lumber or loot?
This is not planned for the initial release.

Will there be any other long distance travel methods available at some point besides sailing?
We don’t have plans for long distance travel outside of sailing, but we do have different re-spawn shrines throughout the world.

Will we have special weapons for boarding? Harpoons or grappling hooks.
This is not planned for the initial release.

If your sail is damaged can you man the oars? Or man the oars otherwise?

Can we change the body type of the character?
We do not have plans for different body types outside of male and female characters.

Can you clarify if LAN will be supported?
For the initial release, not officially via the menus, but if you know your way around the Unreal Engine, you can set up your own LAN server.

Can you parry attacks?
We currently do not have plans for parrying.

How exactly is punching and kicking going to work? Will we need to unequip any weapons to be able to punch? Or is it enough just just have them sheathed?
If you do not have a weapon in your hands, you will be able to punch your opponent.

Will there be special “throwable” class? Rocks, or pots filled with various substances – incendiary, poisonous, hallucinogenic, gluey etc.
We have throwables in the game now! Use fire, ice, and poison against your enemies!

Can you break a spear or a mace? Well, there’s a huge possibility of breaking the shaft. Then, all you have to do is find a suitable tree and make a new shaft, or take the weapon head with you and craft new weapon later. So can you actually break the head of maces and spears? Will you need special tools to fasten the head?
Weapons will take damage and break. You are not able to repair/rebuild weapons.

How many people are working on this game?
We’re a small team and Rune is a labor of love. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with ESDF to bring back the IP. Also – a quarter of the team worked on the original Rune!

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