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Updated FAQ – 4/23/2018

04 / 23 / 18
Updated FAQ – 4/23/2018

We’ve once again rounded up some of the most popular questions from Facebook and the forums to answer in this month’s FAQ. Don’t forget to check out new episodes of The Rune Recap for more details on our Closed Alpha Combat Tests and head over to this blog post for a preview of Redheim – the site of our first bloodbath.

How will the Closed Alpha Combat Tests work?
Randomly selected newsletter subscribers will receive keys to join our Closed Alpha Combat Tests. We will open up the servers on predetermined dates for a limited amount of time and entry will be first come, first serve. If you have already won a key, you’ll have access to the combat tests as well closed beta.

Will the Closed Alpha Combat Tests be under NDA?
Yes. Closed Alpha participants will need to agree that they will not document, stream, or discuss the game.

Where does the game take place?
You will be exploring the realm of Midgard during the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok.

Will there be dodging?
Yes, you will be able to move to quickly dodge left, right, forward, and backward.

Is there a hunger and thirst system?
No, while there are some survival systems such as hypothermia, there will not be hunger and thirst in Rune.

Will you be able to attack with a shield?
Not at the moment, but we are looking at adding shield bashes.

Do shields block arrows?
Yes, blocking with a shield will block arrows.

Can you only block with shields?
You can block with shields, weapons, and your arms. Shields and weapons have durability so keep an eye on their levels, arms can be cut off!

Will weapons have specific skill trees?
No, they will not have their own skill trees.

How will crafting work?
You can gain recipes through the skill tree or finding them in the world. You’ll have to gather the resources and find an anvil in order to craft items.

Can you loot corpses?

Will there be a day and night cycle?

Are there changes in weather?
Yes, islands will have their own climate and will have changes in weather.

We’ll have more FAQ updates as we get closer to the Closed Alpha Combat Tests. Still have questions? Head to the forums!

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