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    Update: We’re no longer doing monthly drawings for keys from our social media sites. As of April 12, 2018, the only way you’ll be eligible to win a key is to sign up for the Rune newsletter. Random users will be selected from this email list to participate in our Closed Alpha Combat Tests in May. If you’ve previously signed up for the newsletter, you’re automatically entered.

    May Odin favor you.


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    Im Curious of something. How much does facebook effect chances of being awared a beta key? Because I’m not keen on Facebook, very much. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


    I don’ mind giving info to HH, and I like the forums, but I’m not really comfortable giving and IRL info to face book.

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      just create an account check their page out and like it?!

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    Hello together,


    i am also not in facebook but i love to play that game ! – i´m bored from many games – my hope growes in this Game  🙂

    let me know if the “not facebook Members” can also get a BETA Key

    Thank You

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    Looking at HHKat’s post, you don’t need to like the official Rune: Ragnarok Facebook page to win beta access, but doing so will increase your chances of getting a code, just like creating an account on this site or entering the contests will give you better odds.

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    Hi all! That’s correct – you don’t have to like us on Facebook in order to be eligible to win a beta key. We’ll be selecting winners from each platform.

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    Beta Keys or not, just take the effort to make a game, for which the fans will write comments for a sequel after years. 😉
    #oldrune #bestgameexperience #17years

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    Estou realmente ansioso por Rune, joguei a edição anterior. É realmente surpreendente, parabéns aos criadores.

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    I would be curious about a good Viking game

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    Hello, i’m interested in this game, art looks really cool.

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    Could this be? Am I dreaming? Been waiting unknowingly  for 17 years for this. I never thought I would see the day.  To this day when I speak of my top favorite games of all time I bring up RUNE in the highest of the high.  I played it when it first came out. I even remember how I physically bought it and took it from the shelf.  Finding this gem by going from shelf to shelf and looking at that cover arts and reading the back.

    Please please please give me that Beta key. As a gamer from the 90s and a huge fan of RUNE a new Rune is like a dream come true now.  O want to be part of it.

    Let me be a Beta tester!

    Wow HOLY HEL ! I still can’t believe it! New Rune!

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    As others have stated – you should focus your efforts at making Rune true to the original forumla: semi-linear, story driven and pure action adventure focused game. Do not make this yet another tiring and generic open world, sandbox-ish, with generic repetitive and pointless endless activities, side quests and some rpg elements like pointless stats, weak upgrades and skills that lacks any impact.

    We need more and more linear or semi-linear with big maps/levels/worlds – games. These games are the most engaging. Especially story focused games, they are more intense, more meaningful, more memorable and fun to play for a long time. Please don’t make this another fatigue inducing derivative Open World. We have had enough of that in recent years- I think Open World games are a thing of the past, or at least not as attractive. Rune was never about being super open – but it always had big levels with exploration and pathfinding being essential.

    Some of the best games today are either linear or seamless worlds (Dark Souls for instance). Rune was like The Dark Souls of 2000 – I am saying this because when I first played Demon’s/Dark Souls – it reminded me of Rune in some ways – that’s just how GOOD Rune was.

    Also – please allow me to join your Beta,  I would be grateful, I have been a fan since 2000. This game is among my highest hall of fame games of all time.

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    yeah, i dont know what to say and cant be often here because of a lot to do right now in real life

    as well as im simply pleased to participate in whatever testing-phases, will be a great joy and fun for me former player

    thx ^^)

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    jogo muito interessante realmente chamou atenção

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    Please take my money 🙂 Good luck with the programming Merry X Mas

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    I bought Rune when I was a small boy. I am now a man.

    I will continue to fight to stop RAGNAROK – 17 years later the battle continues.

    Luckily while you guys were off making games I have mastered the blade.


    I am fucking ready!

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    Wow this is awesome. I really hope this game will deliver and not be a flop.

    I played the original rune when it came out and i found it was a great game. The anticipation for this game for certain people (like me) is massive and im trying not to get over excited so i dont feel dissapointed when finally released. I run at risk of over hyping this game but i realise it will be sooo different to the original. Hopefully in a good way.

    I just hope the combat will have the same feel and i hope you dont hold back on the gore. 🙂


    Look forward to it.

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    ola estou ansioso pelo jogo vamos la

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    i rlly want play this game !!!! for the old and new gods

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    When can we expect to see some more opportunities to earn one of them there beta keys?

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    Used to love playing Rune in multiplayer back in the days, Immediately  gave you a FB like guys and took the quiz, cant w8 for opportunity to try this new one.

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    Ive beeen looking forward to this 😀

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    Human Head are drawing a batch of beta keys next week!

    We're drawing a batch of beta key winners next week! Want in? Here's how you can increase your odds.

    Posted by Rune: Ragnarok on Friday, January 5, 2018

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    I LOVE GODS!!!! I need to play this game!

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    I sure hope I get a beta key, so I can enjoy disarming people like this

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    Can I get into the beta if I’m registered to the forums but I don’t do any of these steps?

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    when’s the plan beta for this game ? 🙂

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    Very cool looking in concept. I hope it delivers

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    The original RUNE helped me usher my impressionable young offspring into the awesomely brutal world of PvP gaming. It was our favorite. We spent countless hours chasing each other around wielding disembodied heads and severed arms, laughing and screaming maniacally. And now the sequel is finally coming! We’re so excited we can talk of little else now. Is this Valhalla?

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    When we die, we all die together 🙂

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    make RAGNAR great again! 

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    I think every old 2000 Rune player  – that played this game as a kid all these years ago – deserves a Beta Key automatically! We are the greatest fans 😉


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    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

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    nice game i hope i can test it^^

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    Damn, I can’t believe this is happening.

    Played Rune and HoV since 2001… and now these great news!

    Hopefully all efforts will produce a great game.

    Anxiously waiting for the release. Good luck!

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      I also played Rune 1.0 and Rune HoV looking forward to clashing swords with many of guys here in the forums in the future.

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    Quero jogar demais ;D


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    I deserve a beta key because you named your lizard after me.



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    man I’m so hyped for this, just had a chat with my friend about the times we spent with the game. glad its coming back.

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    Good Lucking ME!

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    From birth, we heard the beginning of the end, and now he came. Now we will fight for life in one of the nine worlds. And I know that our race is the strongest. But there is one thing. We can be eaten at any time


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    Any news when the betas will be distributed?

    • #2117

      Hey there! We haven’t announced a date yet. We’ll have more information on that in the next few months.

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    told about this game to all my friends who I know that used to play old Rune, and to a few that didnt.

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    I will once again slay someone with Sigurds axe! No. I can’t lie. My favorite was Trial Pit Ragnar with Trial Pit Mace.

    I hope this game has just as diverse a console as the first game! Those console commands were fun to play around with. We used to spend hours just creating things in the map to make new gameplay experiences. The game never got boring because the situation was always different.

    I need a beta key for this game!

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    eu quero jogaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    I liketed Rune as mutch as Half Life so this woud be a very nice price to win wile waiting for Half Life 3 and Rune: Ragnarok Retail release and to keep my mind of the cold Nordic winter longing for the spring.

    Keep up the good work it look´s amazing so far.

    Best Regards from Henrik.

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    Hello,well i’m a major gamer across many Platforms and i’m retired so i spend on average about 16-18 Hrs a day playing. I’m also disabled so i don’t get out much,so i look forward to playing either in Beta or upon release


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    I’m down sign me up!  The trailer looks great, gotta love big monster games like this.

  • #2027

    valhalla i am coming

  • #2039

    Vikings is Real !

  • #2040

    Hey all,

    I played the original Rune on PC years ago with my brother and friends at LAN parties. Such a fantastic/fun game. Would love to participate in the beta!



  • #2044


  • #2045

    just wanna say hi!

    glad you guys made a new rune game 🙂

  • #2046

    esforsandoce en conseguir la runa

  • #2059

    estoy ansioso por que llegue la hora de jugar

  • #2065

    This is fantastic news, I wish you the best for the game.

    I looking forward to play it, and I would like to join the beta test.

  • #2068

    Tired playing pubg! Need some fresh like R:R !!! Plz a beta key will be nice


  • #2071

    By the Power of Loki’s Holy Horned Helm! Throw me a keeeeeyyyyyyy!

  • #2081

    por la diosa hell dame una key y seras inmortal

  • #2082

    Beta key would be fantastic!

  • #2083

    welcome back to us old timers 🙂


  • #2085


  • #2094

    This is fantastic news, I wish you the best for the game.
    I looking forward to play it, and I would like to join the beta test.

  • #2095

    Can not wait for this new RUNE Game. I loved RUNE so much. Easily the best Viking Game ever. I hope we get the old classic brutal fighting mechanics and a good Singleplayer experience again. Waited so long for this. Keep up the good work!

    Hopefully I get a beta key 🙂

  • #2097

    I would like to win a key to play this game.

  • #2098

    Hell, YEAH !!!! Waiting for a f****g long time and I’m very excited.

  • #2099

    Very Excited about that game ! can’t wait to try it 😉

  • #2100

    Oh boy, this is gonna be fun! Can’t wait

  • #2102

    Hell yeah

  • #2109

    Praise the Father Odin !!! And still waing of RAGNAROK (Hodor)

  • #2110

    fus ro dah

  • #2112

    Interesting game fellas, looking forward to it!

  • #2120

    Hi my english its really bad but i wanna ask you for somethink can you give me one key pls

  • #2127

    Hope this game turns out well, I entered the newsletter for a chance to get a beta key, been obsessed with Norse and Viking culture ever since I started watching the Show Vikings years ago, I’ve read pretty much all Thor’s comic book, watched youtube talks about the Norse way of living and many crazy things, whether I win the beta key or not, I hope you guys make the game you want to make and it comes out good! Best of luck

  • #2129

    I love Scandinavian mythology

  • #2134

    Ragnarok is the best rpg online, and deserves all the success of the world.😉

  • #2139

    Beta key or not, nothing will stop stop the blade of my axe from vanquishing my foes. I proved my worth in Rune and I will do so again in Rune: Ragnarok. Prepare yourselves.

  • #2142

    Sempre tive muita curiosidade em desvendar a mitologia nórdica, conheço muitas histórias e lendas que me facinaram… Eu realmente estou muito ansioso para poder jogar esse jogo! Hehe

  • #2145

    All hail king ragnar!!!!

  • #2149

    Im in many Play the oldest Player, i´m on 8.February 76 Years old. Thanks for a key and greetings from Austria

  • #2158

    We were one of the biggest clans in 2000 in GER RUNE community. Would be a pleasure

    EX SoS Demon. Hildir ftw


  • #2161

    Estou ansioso para jogar!!

  • #2175

    I love the norren mythology, so a key for the beta will be awsome.


  • #2178

    This game looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it. Hope I get a beta key to provide some feedback.

  • #2181

    I’d more than happy to get a beta key being a rune and rune HoV veteran. Consider a copy rune ragnarok bought by me day one!

  • #2186

    Hope i win a key, i played a lot of the first Rune, and can’t wait to see this game now!

    Thanks for bring back our good memory from the old games!

  • #2188

    I love this game ! Give me a key xd

  • #2190

    Wow! Finally! I was waiting for this game since 2000! Can’t wait to have it.

  • #2192

    Gosto muito de rpg esse jogo promete ser viciante

  • #2193

    Awesome! I just discovered the game, loving the concept! Trying my luck for a beta key 🙂

  • #2197

    Hi all, pliz give me the key! I wanna play this awesome game! THX U

  • #2200

    im waiting for that beta key,the game looks beautifull and i would be happy to play it  😀

  • #2203

    I would like to offer my soul and double price of the game for beta test. But i don’t have any of them. I lost my soul immediately when i see the trailer because i realized i have no chance to get beta key of the game. And i am drinking non-stop because of the sarrow of not having the game. May the gods give me patience to wait the release.

  • #2205

    Jogo muito louco, quero muito jogar

  • #2215

    win meee

  • #2216

    Very excited for this Game to come out.

  • #2217

    New Rune and Swat 5 were my wet dreams. So while you’re at it, can you revive the Swat series as well? xD

  • #2226

    Matando um dragão e depois decapitar a cabeça dele e beber seu sangue

  • #2227

    I am signed up, and i follow you guys on Twitter. But i stopped using facebook years ago, i can’t stand that site. I use google plus, Twitter,, Dailymotion for my social media business and personal use. Hope i get a key though, would love to test the game out, i also have install Rune Classic/GOLD 🙂 I even have Rune on a jewel case, with that custom made CD Cover.

  • #2235

    omg. legend is almost here!

    hours and hours in battle between friends in arena 😀 heads, legs, arms,.. sweet memory just returns. thank you guys for your work. i hope we soon find ourself in amazing fresh bloodbath world

  • #2236

    Я бы с удовольствием поиграл бы в такую игру, мне очень импонирует сеттинг скандинавской мифологии, да и выглядит игра очень даже хорошо, так что жду с нетерпением !

  • #2240

    I do not know the game, it was on my Facebook and I saw some news about this game and I was very interested. I hope for a conversation about my channel and also of course, have fun with friends. This seems to be a beautiful game.


  • #2252

    Holy shit!!!


    a friend just tagged me in a post on FB and your making a squeal to my favourite game ever.

    so strange that only last week me and my friend where talking about how we used to play the multiplayer back when and how it was such a amazing experience.

    i hope you’d create another multiplayer very similar to the last. Our favourite maps where the arena type maps where you start of in a room full of weapons to choose then enter the arena with the weapon of your choice to smash your mates head in haha.

    in other maps I used to get the small axe collect all the power ups as it’s ability to throw the axe over and over was OP OP.

    You guys are recreating my childhood and I have never been so excited, I blame the first game for my obsession with vikings today.

    The trailer looks so good guys and 100% be following this game, buying it and playing it for many hours!!

  • #2253

    give me my publisher beta key

  • #2254

    I buy a new pc, last week, this game is perfect to burn my new grafic card. Please give me the beta key!!!

  • #2271

    My GOSH I am pumped! My dad and I used to play this game (when mom wasn’t home) when I was a little kid. It is still one of my favorite memories.

  • #2275

    this game looks very intersting and very fun!

  • #2276

    I hope to be able to join!

  • #2286

    My english so bad… but I want key from this epic!

  • #2288

    I wanted to ask whether I am still able to post a fanart to have a chance to win the contest?

  • #2299

    Eu Sou Um Viking De Sangue Puro, Eu lutarei por asgarde enquanto Thor bate seu martelo na bigorna forjando armas para seus guerreiros

    e se a morte vim beberemos todos em vall hala


  • #2301

    When will the game be on steam so I can pre-order it 😁😁😁

  • #2323

    i would like to win a beta key maybe be the next big game for me and my boys we all have pcs is this a solo or muti online player game ??

  • #2325

    i watched a trailer for this game looks interesting now im here

  • #2337

    Quero muito jogar, esse AAA mmorpg, tomara que seja B2P. Para diminuir chances de bots.

  • #2358

    El mejor juego de la vida!!

  • #2372

    I would like to have a beta key too.

  • #2386

    Eu quero participar desse beta por ser um vinking de verdade nas minhas aventuras igual ragnar lothbrok fez eu faço o ragnaork

    nunca vai acontecer porque meus poderes impedirar vival vall hala


  • #2402

    gostaria de aber como fas para jogar . sou novo nesse jogo


  • #2423

    I need to play this game!

  • #2430

    Go to battle!

  • #2433


  • #2439

    I am so excited to start my way to Valhalla!

  • #2441

    This games sounds so amazing, i love the nord culture and mythology, i hope this game be so good how the own nord mythology and the viking culture.

  • #2442

    Please allow me to join beta

  • #2472

    With my mighty hands I will take the sword from my fallen enemies and slay anyone who stands in my way.

  • #2474

    After years of waiting for a game somewhat like Viking: Battle for Asgard to come out, i am so pleased to see that this game will definitely surpass it and will gladly be one of the first in line to purchase this game.

  • #2477

    This game already has me hyped like crazy! My last viking itch was scratched a long time ago, so I really hope I get one of them keys! Also super excited bout them contests!

  • #2555

    I Love the World of Vikings!

  • #2562


    That’s sound a very good idea to create an MMORPG in a viking’s world 🙂 I’ll keep in touch your news about it 😉

    goog luck





    • #2582

      Who says anything about MMORPG? Where is that coming from?

    • #2583

      esse MMORPG promete estou ansioso para jogar

  • #2566

    estou entereçado o game parece ser muito loco

  • #2581

    This came out of nowhere and I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • #2592

    I do not know much of Rune – ive never played it before but i am Scandinavian and and have strong norse ties and game looks really cool !

  • #2607

    can’t wait. gimme pls. the original was a blast when I was 13 😀

  • #2608

    Please very kindly pick me to actually win a Rune: Ragnarok Beta Key officially please Human Head Studios devs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #2620

    Pick me, pick me!

  • #2656

    Rune player since 2003 – Looking forward to this beta for over a decade!

  • #2666

    Me encanta todo lo relacionado al mundo vikingo! muero por jugar este juego!

  • #2686


    I am a big fan of Rune.
    Sou um grande fã do jogo Rune.

  • #2690

    Hope i can test it

  • #2802

    Hey friends from Rune, =!TIF!=Koffer here ( from Rune classic ). Maybe The immortal fighters are going to back in Rune? Who knows… good luck!

  • #2901

    i prefer videogames over life

  • #2910

    Played Rune a lot, so I’m really looking forward to this game! 🙂

  • #2912

    I’m really looking forward to this game! 🙂

  • #2913

    This game looks Insane!! would love for the chance to be a beta tester

  • #2924

    Im really Hyped for this open World game. I hope to get beta key to get part of this amazing World. Keep on the Good work!!!

  • #2925

    Nice! Rune -HoV was my favorite number 1 game of my youth. Hope to get a key and meet all those enemys and friends from the old times again. I‘m looking forward to it, good luck Humanhead, do your best that it will be as good as the first one! hellheah!

  • #2927

    Friend were i play with on  a daily basis, told me about this game. tooking real ‘cool’.

    like the fact you guys are one with the community, keep it up

    Can’t wait!

  • #2977

    wow genia, espero ganar una beta key, soy muy bueno y pienso dedicarle muchas horas!

  • #2979

    Damn!, Looks like I’ll “never” recieve a Rune: Ragnarok Beta Key officially, hell!,… I give up waiting to get one actually!

  • #2988

    they’re still in super early stages. I don’t think anybody has a key yet

  • #3008

    Count me in!

  • #3071

    Anyone know if this game releases for the ps4?

  • #3074

    We want test it !!! 🙂

  • #3084

    Beta Key I very seriously request to recieve for Rune: Ragnarok officially Devs!!!

  • #3097

    cant wait to try this game! fingers crossed for beta access!

  • #3144

    So excited for the beta! Why aren’t you selling!

  • #3145


    Very good project. I’ll follow it 🙂

    good luck and see you soon !

  • #3146


    I`m following this game, ever since i got link for it, sadly i have no key. I know this game from my friend who has played similar game to this one i think,

    Looking forward to see more from this game, would be really glad to join the beta. Good luck to everyone who has it, or have the willing to have it.

  • #3169

    How have i not heard of this game?? I have 1000+ hours playing ark survival evolved, I’ve played it since it ran at 15 fps  :). Hope I get a chance to play/develop this game! I love Norse mythology and sandbox games. Can’t wait to see where this game goes.

  • #3180

    I need this key.

    I loved Rune games the one on the PS2 was so fantastic!

    It’ll remind me my childhood when I cuted heads with my greatsword.

  • #3188

    Já criei a conta e estou seguindo no Facebook gostaria da chave beta

  • #3242

    Looking for a new mmorpg to play on. RUNE Ragnarok… sounds good 🙂

  • #3248

    Me fez lembrar do clássico Rune Halls of Valhalla, quem nao passou noites jogando nas varias arenas que tinha….. nostalgico…..

    Estou no aguardo por este jogo, parece que vai ser melhor que o clássico……

  • #3275

    Please email to me a Rune: Ragnarok PC game Beta Key officially somehow please Devs!!!

  • #3281

    Hy my name is Florian,

    I want to win a Rune Beta Key, because I love the older Rune Game and

    the reason is, i like all about the viking mythology really very well!

    Best Regards


  • #3286

    the great sword of pride

    this sword was thought to have thought to have beheaded loki during the great war.

    the sword dealse a great amount of damage to any enemies in its path it is one of the strongest swords known to man. the only wielder of the magnificent sword is the great odin because he is the only one strong enough to pick up the sword, but legend has it that one day someone will come and pick the great sword of pride up one more time to defeat ragnarok once and for all.

  • #3298

    Pls help to Key, play noww plssss

  • #3326

    This game looks promising! can’t wait to try it out

  • #3336

    Please give me a key and waited centuries

  • #3344

    Hello I want to win a Rune Beta Key, because i want to smash some skulls and drink wine from them and also i want to to fight for glory and mighty gods!

    SKOL !

  • #3351

    Played Rune Classic good old times 🙂

  • #3373

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhh still waiting,still play the old version

  • #3374

    keep calm BoS_Propperganda i want to win a beta key because i like to play ragnarok.

    Best Regards


  • #3421

    folks! I really want to play this game. add me, send the game so I can test it and have this experience! thank you

  • #3422

    If you guys want to play the game early, you should create an entry for the final contest. 🙂

  • #3511

    finally a true game of Vikings wishing him

  • #3518

    Give me a key so that my enemies feel the cold steel of my sword

  • #3522

    Once i played the old single and multyplayer rune. I liked the way of playing this game. Hopfully the new rune is as fast and bloody (blood is verry important and that smashing with armes and heads) like the old one.

    I like to test the new RUNE at the challengine battleground to impress Odin. 😀

  • #3554

    Watching all these past pro-mo’s just makes it more exciting to see the end results. At nearly 66yrs of age I still love the Viking games and RUNE is numero uno, I miss all the friends and battles we had, this game looks incredible and even if not chosen I will be waiting in the future to attack with technical and merciless cunning……IM READY 🗡⚔️

  • #3555

    A magnificent tribute to “rune” first game.


  • #3557

    Give me a key to give glory and honor to my god in every battle won

  • #3567


  • #3568

    Give me a key so that the champion of hel will give him the souls of the fallen before my sword

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