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    When you aren’t grinding through whatever game you’re currently playing (or you know.. working, being a human, etc.), are you watching any series of particular interest? I just started Made in Abyss and I’m liking it so far!

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    The only two shows I’m watching currently is the last season of The Strain, and the new series The Terror.

    Really loving The Strain‘s take on vampires, and think it’s really good. Also glad season 4 is the last one, as that keeps the story more focused, rather than trying to milk it without having good stories to tell.

    The Terror is awesome so far, and is based on the true story of Franklin’s lost expedition to find the North-western passage in the Arctic in the mid- 19th century, although they’ve added a bit of a supernatural element to the story as well. This story is contained within the first season, which is really good, as that makes sure to keep the pace and tension up. It’s a horror-thriller with no jumpscares, but rather a very chilling, tense atmosphere. Really loving it, three episodes in. A second season has been comissioned, but will be set during WWII and deal with a different story altogether.

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    American Gods
    As a Rune fan gotta to love the Viking opening of season 1 !

    So “goddamn” insane !

    Altered Carbon
    Pure Sci-Fi awesomeness !

    Ash vs Evil Dead
    Say no more… it´s f***in´ Evil Dead !!!

    I also recommend,
    The Last Kingdom, Westworld, Black Sails, Britannia, Carnivale, Hannibal, Limitless, Mr. Robot,
    Lucifer, Marco Polo, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street and (yes I´m serious) Scream Queens.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!! I started American Gods (the novel) last year but never finished it, I definitely want to check out the show.

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    Money Heist on Netflix

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