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    As Chris mentions in The Rune Recap Episode #009, we want to know what kind of server settings you’d like to see. Here are a few things we’re planning to include:

    • Enemy spawn rates
    • Friendly fire
    • XP leveling
    • Faction settings/God alignments

    What else would you like to see?

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    Commenting briefly,

    (1) By XP leveling, and by extension, setting player levels to be equal, does that also mean that we’ll be able to wield any and all weapons? In other words, are weapon/armor stat requirements level-restricted only or are there other stats involved? If other stats are involved, then will server settings also allow those settings (additional stats) to be equalized as well for all players, to help mimic the arcade experience?

    Other settings I’d appreciate seeing are:

    (1) Option to disable all skill trees/giving players all skills (preferably both options).

    (2) Option to equalize health and/or set it to specific value (to allow arena-style health vs. DM-style health, for instance – assuming both that dm and ar won’t exist in the game, and that if they did exist, health adjustments would not occur naturally).

    (3) Joke/Fun related mutators. The Fatboy and Low Gravity ones from Rune Classic are but some fun examples.

    (4) Not an option per se, but it would be nice to integrate server options with the eventual editor and make it easy for players to create their own server options.

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      Forgot to include another big thing option I’d love to see.

      (5) Ability to disable stamina restrictions/limits for players.

      [Random Side Note] I noticed that most of these official suggestion threads tended to get drowned out by other threads, thus ending up obscured and with minimal feedback. Stickying threads, or having a separate forum section for them, might make it easier to get more responses.

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    I would sugguest looking at conan exiles and see some options they have that might be apply.


    One that is a must for me, would be the ability to turn corpse looting for pvp off. Maybe its not as painful as it sounds, but, I tend not to like loosing all my stuff.

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    How about bringing back the ‘no runes’ effect the very popular mutator of the same name had done.

    ..And for the inevitable arranged dueling/gladiator-style matches, in between battles, a ‘regen’ mutator was typically used to replenish the health of surviving players, and return them to their original state of armament setup they had, when first having entered the arena.

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    Another one people are likely thinking about is game speed modifiers. So that when you’re starting a server, you can set any game speed you want for the game (1.0 being default speed) and are not restricted to just a drop-down menu. If admin console commands are making a return, then slomo commands could also operate from there.

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    Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. If you think of more ideas, you know where to post them!

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    Some way of making crafting optional.
    Parts in this might include the following:

    c1. Hypothermia yes/no.
    — If it’s an important game mechanic outside of just swimming in the frigid waters you could make the one for water hypothermia a separate option.

    c2. Spawn with [weapon(s)].

    c3*. Weapon degradation on/off (possibly shields too, but as a separate thing).

    c4. Weapon drop rates (or not at all).
    — Not sure if you already have a weapon drop system in mind, but in this case I’m thinking of the difference between “Jotun drops crafting supplies to make awesome axe” and “Jotun drops awesome axe”.

    c5*. How much is required to craft .
    — This would of course be set to zero for everything if you’re not into crafting, but it’d also help avoid situations like in ARK where you need to kill three blockbuster movies’ worth of dinosaurs just to have enough resources to craft a permanent static respawn point.

    Moving on from the (non-)crafting section, respawning:

    r1*. Setting a min and max distance of how far players can spawn from each other.
    — This should have separate options for allied vs hostile players, if there is a faction system.

    r2. Setting in which way(s) players can spectate the map and each other while dead.
    *– Actually spectators on/off in general and which way(s) they are allowed to spectate in would be a good thing.

    r3. How much (if anything) you lose on death. (Also whether you can return to your body and get your gear back after you respawn)
    — This ties into PvP looting a bit in that it makes sense to have “only lose what people have looted from you (during your respawn time only, perhaps?)” as an option. Another possible variant is that you lose only what you were holding or what’s in your hotbar (or the other way around).

    I hope you guys aren’t feeling completely spammed down with ideas ^^; (If so, tell me and I can try to pare it down a bit before presentation in the future…)
    I’ve tried to mark the ones that I feel are the most important with a star (*). Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for that, Lizardo! Great list of suggestions 😀

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    Remembering what it was that made me host and log to fight in Rune during the last 18 years:
    -clan fights and the speed of the fighting…

    (1) Passworded entry or free
    (2) Turning off the odd purple meteoric random damage
    (3) Turning off divine buffing

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    Thanks for the list, BlackOak! I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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    i just want an arena mode…. even if its just a place within the world that you can travel to have arena style gameplay in it.

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    ability to tweak how much damage attacks do

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    Thanks for the suggestions Feeder!

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    I would definitely like to see PvP servers with god alignments. 🙂

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Skirn 🙂 There will be PvP and PvE servers, alongside solo play.

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