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    Hey Human Head Studios! I really like what i see so far gameplay wise and Q/A streams etc. makes a lot of things clear .
    So what i’ve noticed while watching some gameplay material from your YouTube Channel is that the Weapons are not visible on back,for example ,a two handed sword,or spear…i’d like to see shield and one handed swords be on the back attached to the character ,like it was in rune classic . It looks not so good when your character get weapons out of nowhere . So please,i hope you put this on wishlist and make it happen,i ,and probably others would be very happy !

    Thanks and all best wishes to all of you working on this amazing upcoming game .

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    As far as we’ve heard, this is something they’re working on. There’s a bunch of stuff people think should be in that aren’t currently, but that will be added down the line, such as crouching, pain skins (blood and wounds on your character and enemies) as well as sheathed weapons visible on characters.

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      Everything you mentioned are pretty much the only remaining additions I want for the game to recapture what made Rune special.

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      I’d add pickup animations to that list.

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    Thanks Dankina! Hertig Torulf is right, we’d love to add this feature in the future, but no immediate plans for it.

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