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    Plz help

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    same here

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    Same here…

    The official workaround at facebook (why not posted here HH?!) is:

    As a workaround please do the following:
    1) Uncheck the unofficial setting up top
    2) Wait a few seconds for frame rate to stabilize
    3) Re-check the unofficial box

    But I can’t uncheck the unofficial checkbox, because the cursor react 1-2 minutes after I moved the mouse.

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    same here …. game goes into not responding mode as soon as i click the online button and server browser opens. then have to force quit it via windows taskmanager

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    I have the same problem when entering online mode the pc does not respond

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    It makes no sense why it would destroy everything client side… it’s a server list, what the hel is the game trying to do? :/

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    Same here. The game crashes immediately when I click online, so the workaround doesn’t work for me.

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    Hi all, I’m sorry about these issues. We had more people entering the servers than expected and we are working to get a patch out in the very near future. Feel free to join our Discord server if you haven’t already :

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    This issue has been resolved with RUNE II update 0.0.10L. Patch, log in, and start playing!

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