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    Hey, Go@tLord here. Been playing for a couple of days & like what I see. Cant believe HumanHead tanked like that.. Hopefully Bethesda will keep this game supported.
    Questions first:
    -Whatsup with ships? Alls I can find/build are rafts.. (is it a level thing?)
    -Can you somehow imbue weapons & armor with higher stats outside of like: vanilla frost hammer?
    Every time I enter, my character view is spinning until I go to settings and then his return-weird.
    -Does equipping a full set such as: Boar/Pain/Doom end up being advantageous?
    -Whats up with those dragons? Can I fight one or are they just eye candy?
    -Also finally…I have looked online for DM & there doesnt ever seem to be anybody around…Invite me to on thats good yeah?

    Stuff I’d like to see:
    -Underground exploration: Dwarves gotta be coming from somewhere right?
    -Arena Maps

    Thats it. Really am liking the look…Movement is good, need more varied attack ability (Im still figuring out what is possible)
    Go@t out.

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    Yo Go@t,

    – You can build Viking Ship at level 15 I think.
    – Dragons probably will be interactive in the future, but they are “eye candy” at the moment.
    – If you want to play DM you will probably be more successful to find players on the Discord channel, look in there and rally some players.

    That’s all I can help you here, the devs might answer within a few days…

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