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    Will be getting an update soon or should we start requesting a refund… ?

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    That is a very good question.
    Please give us an update about the game!

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    Good question …. I am seriously considering if buying this has been a good idea … And of course if there are no news soon I will request a refund. There are only 6 days left until the winter ends and this seems to be a new delay …

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    I would be fine whit a delay, as long as process is beeing made. And at the moment there are no news at all.

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    This silence is really worrying at this point, I hope we will have an update in 4-5 days. I too would be fine with a delay if they can reassure us work is still going on as planned.

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    I hope everything’s going okay, and the silence is due to the re-reveal being pushed back, and not something that could jeopardize the project’s future. I want a new Rune!

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    It really speaks my concern… I would also like a delay if it ensures that the project is still underway and is being perfected, I am one of the people who wanted another Rune for a long time, but as the friend says, this silence is worrying at this point. I could not believe that Human Head would do this to us, it would be a big disappointment. We just have to wait….

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    Silence…is not golden. And no news does not mean good news. Most of this could be allayed were the devs as communicative as they were when we were purchasing. Also, and this was rather obvious from the beginning, delays could be avoided by giving players a new version of Rune. Not a new version of something that employs the name Rune but actually fell victim to the good idea fairy. He who tries to be everything to everyone ends up being nothing to anyone.

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    Everyone just calm down, this game will still come out before Bannerlord, your never gonna become doctors if you have no patience, set backs on games happen all the time, if that’s even the case here, so true grit in backing this game don’t jump ship as soon as the waves get high, Odin will not smile upon you! Man up and be a true backer, weather the storm! Things are never as bad as you think they are.

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      People are not as up in arms as you think. It is merely they paid, the Steam store says and has stated Winter for some time and there are less than 3 days remaining. The developers who once wrote Hemingway novels have not update their site, FAQ, Blog, Facebook, and Twitter in some time and basically on the eve of the posted Early Access launch have disappeared and have been in absentia for some time. The concerns from fans, paying fans is entirely legitimate.

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    I see that the developers are talking about other topics in this forum even today, so they have not disappeared completely … We will have to wait for events but we would appreciate something new…

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    I am curious as well – I joined way too late and did not get a chance to get into the beta. I played the original Rune over and over and loved it. I would love to hear from anyone regarding an ETA on the game 🙂

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    Hey all, I had answered similar threads and accidentally missed this one, my apologies. The game is in full development right now. We will announce more when we are ready. Stay tuned, thanks.

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    PS. Moved from General News to General Discussion

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