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    The spawn points are Bad when i spawn after death another one spawns with me on the same place

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    [Day 2]

    This is just my observation after today.
    I played for about 3 total hours and only spawned on top of someone (very close proximity) 1 or 2 times.

    I will say, it happened way more yesterday – so maybe HH tweaked something ^_^.

    Otherwise I guess it’s bound to happen occasionally.
    Locking the spawn locations to even a semi non random rotation will probably yield more spawn campers than anything.
    So then your only other option is completely random – but doing a ton of checks for distance up until the point you spawn; however there are probably going to be times where the “best place to spawn” is still near someone and the game can’t take into account every node on the map everytime for performance.

    To each their own, but I was happy with the spawning.


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