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    From Rune’s official Rune Discord channel, Chris Rhinehart, the project director on Rune, offered this update which I thought I should share here:

    “Hey all — first off, we are sorry about the communication gap. There’s been a long silence and I know it’s caused stress and concern. I hope I can alleviate some of that concern. Progress on Rune is going VERY well. It is not dead, per speculation above, not by a long shot. We’re still working hard, and the game is shaping up well. Visually, it’s undergone some major lighting updates and looks considerably better. There’s been a lot of work on combat, enemy encounters, and polish across the board.

    We had said the game would be out last winter, and there were many jokes that it’s still winter in Wisconsin (which this year certainly seemed true). We decided that the game needed more time to bake before we release. We are still planning on releasing the game this year, but obviously it won’t be this past Winter anymore.

    I know everyone is frustrated by the lack of communication, but expect to hear a lot more details about plans, visual updates, combat videos and overall more content to show what the team has been hard-at-work on over the past few months.”

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    Yea that’s something new…game still being made as we knew and it’s coming out this year. So basically what you have been saying for months now just in more words.
    What about mechanics that we talked about? What is going on with those? Beta tests?
    You wan’t feedback or you just gonna release and hope for the best? Because there are still some glaring issues last time you were still talking to your community.

    I don’t care if it comes out 2 years from now. Just let us be a part of this because i have a feeling you guys are going the ”we know best” route!

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    I wonder if we’ll get news this month? I miss the regular updates, especially the blog posts, the developer streams, and the beta tests. Then again, it’ll be exciting to see all the changes and additions.

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    I would imagine since survived by has folded that team will be coming here, and working on this project. so i expect to hear more regularly from HH

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