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    downloaded the latest build of PTR 1.0.643. Jumped in a single player and started a new game. Here are a few notes:
    – eating lizards (or anything else) does not seem to regenerate my health
    – when the enemy knocks me down, it takes a long time to get up, so can not protect myself and I am dead immediately
    – the cooldown after freezing goes way too slow, i think
    – there is a strange bug, when I run out of stamina while running – the footsteps sounds are gone and I can run forever even though my stamina is at the minimum

    I have played just for a short time since i am getting my a*s kicked pretty hard each time I meet an enemy, because of the above mentioned issues.

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    A quick update after 1.0.656 patch: The problem with health not regenerating still persists. Now on top of that, the health bar does not show the amount of health … it is just an empty bar.

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