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    I wanted to share my thoughts somewhere and Epic Games doesn’t seem to have a user review page (at least that I can find…)

    I like the game. But that’s it. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. Very much middling between the two.

    I played single player, so this is exclusively my thoughts on that.

    I like the crafting and survival elements, I do NOT like only using a hall as a safe space. I would like to be able to pause the game, “with it actually pausing.” I don’t always have time to find the nearest hall to make sure I’m not bludgeoned by some rando draugr – nor do I want to build the damn hall just to have that safe space. Every so often I just want to pause the game with no consequences.

    The combat is good, range of equipment is good too. The controls can feel janky at times but maybe that’s because I’m used to using an XB1 controller.

    My biggest issue is with the levelling – it’s boring and grindy as all hell. I don’t like to admit it, but I just could not bring myself to grind my way to level 31 just to beat the game so I stopped at level 18. All my quests are the same – hunt this, craft that, kill those this many times. Give me some variety, give me some one-off quests for the NPCs that don’t involve harvesting a thousand rocks of ore or crafting umpteen bows of an obscure material that you don’t have enough of at any given time.

    Nerf the giants – yes, they’re big, yes they should hit hard, but when I’m lvl 17 and they’re lvl 18, I don’t think I should be killed in 2 hits. I know there’s no real penalty for death, but I’d rather not have to walk back to the battle and get killed on repeat with every giant I face.

    I may seem harsh as I know this game is still quite new and has a lot of growing to be done; and obviously these are purely my thoughts and observations and I in no way expect any changes to be made for my sake. I look forward to future updates, and eventually I may give the game another go. But for now, SKOL.

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    Thanks for your feedback! I will pass your points along to the team. 🙂

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