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    If you played in the last beta then you have already witnessed the jump spin attack’s return, but for those that haven’t, here’s a tiny clip:

    Want to see more footage? I’m always open to suggestions!

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    Thank you! It was an important part of the original games combat, particularly in multiplayer. It was like a jousting mechanic. Without it, battles wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long and wouldn’t have been as intense.

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    This makes me so happy, especially since it was something I suggested specifically in my feedback. Thanks for making this change!

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    Now add Dodge to it.

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      The game already has dodge, but you have to enable it in the menu first. After that, you can double tap ASD to perform a directional dodge or W to perform a lunge or thrust attack.

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      He’s referring to dodging immediately after a jump spin to drag the attack and open up combo opportunities, which was not possible in the most recent beta test.

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      Ah, cool. I wasn’t aware of that mechanic. Was it a popular tactic in multiplayer matches?

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      Pulling off jump-spin + dodge against experienced opponents is quite difficult. Since it’s always a sideways ground-attack said opponent, if in posession of an axe or hammer, might just jump + forward-attack to bypass your strike and beat you over the head instead.

      Someone posted a video demostrating combos some time ago in some other thread.

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      It’s a side step but you can aim the mouse so you actually go forwards, backwards or diagonally.

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    Yes, it was one of the most important ones I assume.
    It also was one of them tactics that made Rune a “easy to learn, but hard to master”-game (in Multiplayer).

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    Yeah, don’t underestimate the importance of being able to make combos and create a skill gap between casuals and dedicated warriors. It’s what kept MP alive for so long.

    The concept of “groundwalking” didn’t even come into play until well after release and people even used to play solo on their server at 2.0 slomo so they had slightly more time to find that sweet spot at normal speeds. This game was highly competitive at the time.

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