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    Rise, warrior. Ragnarok, the end of days, is upon you.

    Claim your place among the gods’ chosen warriors by pre-ordering Rune today. In addition to securing your voyage to the war-torn islands of Midgard, each pre-sale package comes with exclusive content that may never be available again. Sail over to the pre-sale page to reserve your Warrior, Berserker, or God Slayer package and reap the benefits of exclusive weapons, armor, ships, and more.

    To reward you for joining us early on this journey, all pre-sale packages are 15% off with the code RUNE15. Plus, the first 10,000 pre-orders will receive a Rune Classic Steam key.

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will hold a 12-hour playtest this Saturday, September 1. PvP and PvE servers in the US and Europe will be live from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. CDT so you can explore Midgard to your heart’s content. Anyone who has ever held a Rune access key will be able to participate in the bloodbath.

    In preparation for the battles to come, witness the brutality of Ragnarok in our new trailer below. The Viking mayhem you see was made possible with the help of our Beta testers.*

    Ragnarok has plagued the nine realms for far too long. Heed the call of the gods and set forth on your quest to defeat Loki. Ragnarok must end.


    *Special Viking thank you to the following testers:
    Arman Kang
    Daft Lad
    dwarf champion
    GI ACE
    Hambre Talon
    Micheal “Lone Strider” Sollazzo

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    God Slayer pre-order done. Will the Soundtrack be available at Early Access launch? Thanks.

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      Thanks for pre-ordering, Hatchetforce! Yep, the soundtrack will be sent at EA launch.

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    Done! I hope the game’s a big hit for the studio! 🙂

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      You’ve been a such a great supporter since day one. Can’t thank you enough, Hedy!

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    I cant wait! Pre ordered the God Slayer version- what’s cooler than getting your name in the credits of your favorite childhood game and supporting such great devs?

    Will people who pre ordered get access to the beta on 9/1, and if so, how?

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      Thanks for the support, and being a long-time Rune fan 😀 We can’t promise anything… but we might have some keys lying around for those who pre-order.

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    Awesome news this is!!!

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    I tried ordering Rune: God Slayer with Paypal and Google Pay and both resulted in “Your payment has been cancelled” messages.  I see in my Paypal account that I was charged then refunded $59.99.  I don’t even know where to see the Google Pay transaction as I’ve never used it before.  Is there a problem with those payment methods?!

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      Hey Blade, sorry to hear about these issues. I can confirm that Paypal should work.  Please head to or contact the Xsolla support team in live chat from the payment page. Thank you for your patience!

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    Had no problems with pre-order and looking forward to seeing many old friends and new alike. The trailers do not give justice to how beautiful the new Rune is. Everything I have seen, in testing, gives me a great deal of confidence that old school Runers will find plenty to like with the new Rune. I have read posts people wishing for SP experience. Trust me, it will be an adventure like we only could have dreamed of back in the day. We will be able to go co-op PvE and fight great battles. As for PvP, it’s going to be a work in progress for many months, but I have faith that final product will be a unique an exciting experience. Will it be as good or better than the original Rune in its many variants? I think it can be. It’s a tall order to begin with. Classic Rune is a near perfect game.

    How the game evolves depends on its success. Many of us want ways to replicate the original Rune. We can have these things, but we have to work together. We have to help HHS succeed to get some of the things that we want in the game. Steam is the biggest PC gaming ground in the world. We have a new chance to recreate a very special time. The Rune community has some of the most talented, dedicated, and loyal gamers I ever had the honor of meeting. Tell all your friends. Bring people from other games. If enough of us do this, it can make a huge difference. To arms!

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      Thank you for your continued support, Terminus! It’s true – we can’t do this without the community. It’s a pleasure to be on this journey with all of you 🙂

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      Ah! old friend.

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    God Slayer Pre-Order done. Classic Rune was the best game! It was so much fun.

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    Can’t wait to see what this game holds. I’ve not played Rune Classic but whenever I spot an RPG I fall in love. And a viking-based one with Co-Op/PVP alongside a singleplayer campaign? Sign me up. On paycheck day that God Slayer pre order is mine, if not before!


    Looking forward to playing this game with you all in September, and if fate’s kind – even before hand in the testing phase!

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      Great to have you on board,  Medieval! Keep an eye on your email this week… that’s all I can say 😉

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    I pre-ordered the Warrior Pack yesterday as soon as I saw it was available. I love Norse mythology and thought GoW was amazing but once I saw this game I was awestruck. I can’t wait to create my own viking warrior and become immersed in this beautiful open world. This is everything I’ve been wanting in a viking game for years. Although, I never did play the original Rune. I will probably end up picking it up in preparation for this new one but I was curious how we would know if we were among the first 10,000 to pre-order who receive Rune Classic? I also have my fingers crossed I get lucky and get into the beta. I just can’t wait to play this game! I love your guys work and can’t wait to see everyone on the battlefield!

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      Great to have you here, Ragnar MacReady! Thanks for preordering. You will receive the Rune Classic key in your email on Early Access launch day (Sept. 19) if you are in that group. Thanks!

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    Just preordered will see you soon. Been a long time indeed.

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      Welcome aboard and thanks for preordering, LizardKinG!

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    By Odin’s beard! It’s LizardKinG!!

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    I used amazon pay but couldn’t find where to enter the rune promo code.

    I was charged pull price.

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      Hey Hati, sorry to hear about this. Please head to or contact the Xsolla support team in live chat from the payment page, as they are handling our purchases.

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    God Slayer here! Thanks for letting me fully experience the beta. Humanhead studios kept rune alive and running for almost 2 decades. Can’t wait to launch Rune daily once again, finally. Long live Rune!

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    Done!!!! I want to play now…. 😀

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      Thanks for preordering 😀

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    Hello DEV-Team, i pre-ordered the game on 28.08.2018.
    If I had been among the first 10,000, would I have already received the Rune Classic key?
    Thank you guys for the great work you´ve done so far, can´t wait for the game to be finished!

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      Hey Kuhney! Thank you for preordering the game. You will receive your Rune Classic key on the Early Access release date, September 19. Thanks for asking.

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    Uhh why i have so many outgoings this month.. grr


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      Too many good games these days, huh? 😉

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    Picked up God Slayer today, very excited to get the gang back together again and roam around Midgard dominating giants and weaker foes! For real though, thanks for letting me help a little bit where I could in beta, and for keeping the Rune Community in your hearts all of these years, Human Head. Here’s to ANOTHER 18 years, and to all the memories and friends both past and future.

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      Thank YOU for everything you’ve done for the community as well, Phoenix!

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      heya, i just started to upload old rune video of death match arena from 1.01 again. i am still interested in how to get the game running again. ill check back here. also try to reach you on steam

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    If Loki can be your patron god, Know who i will be working for 😀
    See you all on the BattleField !
    My ping will probably be horrendos from NZ.

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      You will be able to align with Loki sometime in Early Access! 😀

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      You guys are awesome!

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    What kind of magic do you use? I made a Warrior pack preorder too. Would love to get the soundtrack, but the price is a bit high for me, sorry. Maybe later.

    Then I felt a bit schizophrenic after the news about delay. You want to improve the game as much as possible, that’s great, but still there’s a dumb feeling I paid for nothing.

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      We’re very sorry for the delay, Painka. The beta tests will ensure you get that high quality product you paid for!

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    pre-order obtained.

  • #9841

    Pre-Ordered the God Slayer Version. 

    Cant wait to play!

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      Thanks for supporting Rune!

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    I can’t wait to play! 🙂

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    Pre-Ordered the God Slayer Version.  🙂

    Release still scheduled for the 19th or I missed something ?



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      Hey Jackgnarok, thanks for pre-ordering! You did miss a big announcement – the Early Access release date got pushed to this Winter. Here’s more info: /updated-launch-date-rune-will-enter-early-access-this-winter/

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    I got my pre-order with Xsolla through this site. I have not heard anything, nor received any keys (nor do i see it linked to my account). I can provide the transaction number if need be.


    Please let me know, i am very excited for this!


    Kind regards,

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      Hey Mujen! Thanks for joining the forums and for pre-ordering. You won’t receive your Early Access key until we launch this Winter. In the mean time, you can sign up for the Closed Beta and join us this Saturday for the next playtest! Here’s the link:


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    I pre-ordered the God Slayer version today. Can’t wait to play this epic game!!!

  • #10337

    Just ordered top package,,Long time Rune fan and mapper,, Thanks HHS for bringing this to us!

    • #10338

      Thanks for the support, BobZilla!

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    Is the Pre-Order link broken? Trying to snag that God Slayer package

    • #10353

      Good eyes, porstaein, it appears to be gone.

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    I preordered Rune last year when the first announcement for pre-order came out. I ordered two copies and now its delayed until September 2019? A little misleading and disappointing. I’ll say no more.

    • #10355

      The last we heard, Rune’s early access release was delayed until Winter, which ends on March 20, 2019, so there’s still time left. Don’t know if that’s still the case, but September 2019 wasn’t ever specifically mentioned (unless you took the Steam page’s description of potentially staying in early access for up to a year from the original Sep 2018 release date). I hope we get a update soon to clarify the project’s current status and ETA.

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    I say to HH take all the time they need to make a great game.

    • #10357

      If they can afford to take extra time, then absolutely go for it.

  • #10358

    I cant wait to play this game

  • #10359

    Thanks for the support everyone. The page is down but we will have more news for you all in the coming weeks.

  • #10375

    I would like to pre-order the game. Is there any chance to do that?

    • #10377

      Presales are closed but we will have more news for you all in the coming weeks.

  • #10384

    What means presales are closed?

    • #10386

      Just means you cannot preorder the game. Stay tuned for more news.

    • #10388

      Ok, i’l replay classic rune

  • #10389

    Ok, so pre-orders are closed. It would be nice to have an update on launch? Please?

    • #10398

      I tried tweeting to them, people on the Steam forums are asking questions. Other than one brief reply stating they were working on great things there has been nothing. The store page over there still says winter…as in winter of 2018 into early 2019. I sort of think its time they start demonstrating some sort of presence.

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    Ugh I just had enough money for the God Slayer package but alas, I was too late…

  • #10400

    any news on the status of the game… ?

  • #10421

    Yup it would be nice to get one.

  • #10428

    I’ve waited almost 20 years for this game… Whats a few more months. Take your time Human Head and make it good because heads will roll when it launches. They will be my weapon of choice :D.

  • #10429

    Rune is very much still in production. We are not ready to give news at the moment. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

    • #10475

      That sounds great but when people have already paid and you miss the launch date “Winter” remember?, at that point you have a responsibility to them and “stay tuned” does not suffice. Imagine paying for something from a department store and when you go to pick it up they say its not ready. So you ask when it is going to be ready and they will say we’ll have some news soon. And you say I already paid and I need to know when. And then they say nothing. Just look at you. And you already used the “We’ll have some news in the coming weeks” back in February. We are past the “weeks” stage and into the “months” stage. This is not how you build a community around your game because trust is not a renewable asset.

    • #10483

      Unfortunately I have to agree with Hatchetforce. I was unable to pre-order during the holiday season, and when I was finally in a position to do so, the pre-order page was pulled (no more than 4 days before I attempted to purchase, indicated by my post on Feb 8th asking about the preorder page being down with a post on Feb 4th stating preorders were still up). While I was very sad, I accepted that maybe this was the indication the community was waiting on that Rune would be going into Early Access. Here we are almost 2 months later, and still not even a HINT as to the plans moving forward. As a long time Rune player and supporter, missing out on a “founder” opportunity due to poor pre-release windows is frustrating enough. Much of your original fanbase are parents now (like myself) and did not have the luxury of a preorder during the fall season. But missing out on that opportunity for no apparent reason at all is downright disappointing. If you are not prepared to even give an update at this time, and you are assuring us that Rune is still very much in production, then bring the preorder page back up until you are actually prepared to move forward with the project. In 2019, you unfortunately do not have the luxury of silence as a developer when deadlines are missed. All of this is said with love, and I will still support this game on release. But I surely hope we see a much stronger web presence when this project moves into Early Access.

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    But can we already have our Rune classic keys?

  • #10491

    The silence and very generic replies from HH must be some legal buelshiieeee-t.. otherwise why wouldn’t they just drop brief update or something. Maybe changing Publisher or discussing Epic Store exclusivity 😀 Missed the tests and now i am tempted so hard to take my hard earned money back. Like many others, Rune is part of my gaming life.. so many moments i will never forget.. so i guess i will wait a little more 😀

  • #10492

    Since the pre-order was done through Xosila, I would guess that it wouldn’t matter about the Epic Games Store exclusivity. We shouldn’t have to wait for our keys.

  • #10493

    Hello, the winter is over … what is happening? I bought the game in august, It would be nice to get some new INFO.

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    hh_crhinehartToday at 4:50 PM
    Hey all — first off, we are sorry about the communication gap. There’s been a long silence and I know it’s caused stress and concern. I hope I can alleviate some of that concern. Progress on Rune is going VERY well. It is not dead, per speculation above, not by a long shot. We’re still working hard, and the game is shaping up well. Visually, it’s undergone some major lighting updates and looks considerably better. There’s been a lot of work on combat, enemy encounters, and polish across the board.
    We had said the game would be out last winter, and there were many jokes that it’s still winter in Wisconsin (which this year certainly seemed true). We decided that the game needed more time to bake before we release. We are still planning on releasing the game this year, but obviously it won’t be this past Winter anymore.
    I know everyone is frustrated by the lack of communication, but expect to hear a lot more details about plans, visual updates, combat videos and overall more content to show what the team has been hard-at-work on over the past few months.

    Mr. Rhinehart in the Discord

    • #10501

      There is absolutely zero reason for failing to communicate with gamers that spent money. There is no reason to shut out any gamer interested in your project but the paying ones above all. Neither I not my friends find the Wisconsin winter remark even slightly amusing. People supported you, believed in you, and you basically took a dump on them. It is reprehensible. Fix the damn Steam page, make a post over there (You know, the place where your beta testing took place) stop stonewalling and try giving a weekly status update. Delays happen and can be excused but blowing off customers makes a broad statement we do not matter. That is what you have said with your actions and lack thereof. You can deny it if you feel like it but your actions give you a beating. If customers matter then act like it. If fans matter then act like it. What your company has done is wrong. Do not treat it like a joke. Trust me, no one is laughing. Action is the great definer. Despite everything you say action defines you. If the gamers that support you matter, if this game matters, then act like it.

    • #10502

      Hatchetforce i absolutely agree. Even if for some legal reason they can’t communicate details they should post that and they should have posted that the game will be delayed. It’s just called bad business and they will suffer because of it through their own fault. What i am expecting tho is these forums getting renewed and all this will be deleted. Same goes for steam page if the game even get’s released there. Such a shame to see company that you waited for so many years to release Rune sequel to turn out like this. I’m not even mad just disappointed.

  • #10911

    Whats happenend in pre order site: 403 Forbidden nginx error

  • #10921

    I think ultimately there is a lot to have learned here in the lack of clarity and honesty with a game community when there is a major shift in messaging. The lack of communication in the discord and steam turned conversations toxic which then generated a strong negative culture around the speculation of the game in those locations. It really was just a miss-step in not being honest and clear. If there was/is an NDA that is keeping you from communicating simply stating “We are under a new NDA as we continue to partner to make this game even better. We can’t share news right now, but thanks for your patience as we continue to make the game even better.”

    I had pre-ordered the game back in the end of summer of 2018 at the highest version. I cancelled it over a month ago from failed information and lack of trust in the company from almost 4 months of silence. I genuinely enjoyed the betas and really loved the game-play. The gaming community gets really excited about anticipation of games, because we love them. This community really was patient for a few months, but then that trust just grew to disinterest and it’s going to be tough to pull that back if hh continues to be vague with this game and future ones.

    Just some feedback from an avid gamer.

  • #10925

    ill hang and wait…
    no hurries, no worries..
    where do i d/l my classic so i can use the key?

    certainly not steam…
    the moneys not an issue..
    any help here?


  • #10927

    Never got an email with the classic rune code can they resend I pre-ordered god slayer package.

  • #11009

    I can’t preorder ? Why is that ? On the website it dissapear ?! I suppose the pre-order is closed and I must wait for the epic store to go live for rune 2 …. :((((((

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