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    We had some discussion in the Discord on this topic, and I revised my thoughts further. I decided to make a post here to make it easier for HH to go through the feedback.

    So the basic idea was that currently there’s not much reason to bother making tools such as woodcutter’s axe and pickaxe in the game, as weapons are good enough to gather with, and even fists – which also have the added bonus of not losing durability. So this needs some attention. I’ll make this as short as I can, going through each category and what changes it needs.

    Your hero might be a resurrected, god-powered badass, but he should not appear to be an invincible, invulnerable superman. Thus I suggest that when punching trees and rocks, you will take a few points of damage with each hit, and maybe even leave bloody marks. This way you still are powerful enough to do it, but it also tells the player that your character feels the pain and does sustain mild injuries doing it. You should still be able to gather, but it will be very poor amounts. Each node (tree or ore deposit) would only yield 1 single unit, and would take as much as perhaps 10 hits to get. This makes fists highly undesirable to use for gathering anything more than the materials you need to make the simplest tool or even weapon.

    Let’s face it. Weapons are more effective than fists. Hard metal bites better than flesh and bone. However, weapons are not made for this kind of abuse. Gathering while using a weapon might get you more resources and quicker than using fists. Perhaps 3 units per node, and 5 or 6 hits to get it. However, weapons will suffer extreme durability loss with each hit, and I would even suggest that while weapons no longer break through normal use when durability runs out, abusing your weapons by hitting trees and rocks should perhaps always come with a small chance of breaking the weapon outright, no matter how high or low the durability is.
    This will make weapons a more effective choice than fists, but still not entirely desirable for these tasks.

    Tools (Woodcutter’s axe/Pickaxe)
    Now these are tools made for the job! These are sturdy, heavy tools, made to take a heap of abuse! These bad boys will lose very little durability with each hit, have a huge durability bar to begin with, and will bite deep into the nodes you’re after. I don’t think these tools need to have a fast swing speed. Rather, make it heavy and slow, but with massive impact. It may take as little as 2-3 swings to get resources out of a node, and net you something like 6-8 units per node.
    This will make these tools extremely desirable to use for the task of gathering resources.

    Further discussion is hugely welcome!

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    Great ideas Torulf. It’s on our wishlist of things to look into further.

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    We had a decently lenghty discussion about this on Discord, and Torulf could evolve his feedback into the latest form, I am pretty sure this could work now. Good job on that Torulf!

    What should be definitely looked into:
    – Hitting rocks/trees with fists shouldn’t take the same ammount of hits as with weapons.
    – Pickaxe and Woodcutter tools should be more efficient for such purposes as any other weapon.

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    Hey everyone.

    This one is a topic that couldn’t avoid happening. Clearly there should be weapon effectiveness ratio against particular materials, but having weapons only is obviously not enough for every task, so special tools like lumber axe and pickaxe totally make sense. if there were a timing factor for crafting mechanic you could also introduce forging hammers, skinning/hunting knives, ship-building stations.
    So a bit of expanding (or diverting) the suggestion is putting some % ratio for weapons vs materials effectiveness. There was sort of table I figured like 8 months ago but it was archived and not available anymore.
    So there are some ratios I remember that possibly make sense in the game. The actual percentage should be put to testing to determine the satisfying ratios. Ranging from best to worst:
    Hammers, Axes, Swords, Spears – for Rock (ore), brick, bone, shells, carapaces
    Axes, Hammers, Swords, Spears – Wooden structures (doors, chests, thin walls, fences), Trees, plated armour and shields.
    Spears, Swords, Axes, Hammers – Chainmail armor, animal hides, leather, ropes
    Spears, Axes, Swords, Hammers, Limbs – Throwing (speed and distance)
    Finally for the unprotected bodies all weapon types should work equally well, only different damage type that counts – Blunt for hammers, maces, clubs, torches. Chopping for axes (halberds). Sharp for swords. Piercing for spears and arrows. Fists and severed limbs deal smaller blunt damage.

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