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    Just came across these looking at an old issue of PC Gamer, and thought I should post them because they’re so damn cool! If anyone has classic Rune content, please share it!

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    Those are insane! Thanks for posting. Here’s a couple pictures from around the studio, Rune and HoV box sets and Ragnar cut-out, which uses the same image as the last ad you posted.

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      That’s awesome, James! That’s a really cool stand-up of Ragnar! The art from the two-page advert posted above was also used on the cd case cover in the big-box version of Rune.

      I found a couple of other neat Rune-related promotions:

      A badass cut out of Ragnar and Randis, a concept artist:

      Some badass figurines:

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    Aw man, those figurines are sweet! I’ve seen a couple around the office, I wonder if I could find them on sale somewhere… We got a kick out of the hammer time one too haha

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    The Electric Playground posted a video interview with Tim Gerritsen discussing Rune way back in 2000!



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    That’s an awesome little interview, Hedy! Nice find. If my eyes don’t deceive me, that’s the hand ax that Laurie’s husband made!

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      Laurie’s the ultimate Rune fan! I think I saw Chris holding that little badass axe in one of the recent videos Human Head released!

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      She seems to be! And you’re right, he’s holding it in the hilariously creepy “we’re always watching” video!

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    a few years ago a guy done a little youtube review of rune classic that i always thought was pretty good. let me see if i can find it…. i dont know why but i always liked this review. he does a little complaining about certain parts but thats ok cause he is honest and and fair about it and you can tell he loves and respects the game.

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      This is a great review! And yes, I totally agree.

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    A trailer for the PS2 Viking Warlord version of Rune (published by Rockstar):

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      Wow! That’s awesome. It’s crazy where games are at now in comparison.

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    This is my Rune big box Collection.
    The contents of the collection: – Rune (edition US) – Rune: Halls of Valhalla (edition US) – Rune Gold containing Halls of Valhalla (edition US)

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