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    Will Rune feature nudity in the game officially?

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    Ugh, I hope not. If you’re into that, Conan Exiles takes it all the way.


    Showing a bit of skin in RUNE to get the harsh, barbaric look down is ok.

    But making nudity a “thing” is just…. no.

    Just no.

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    Rune will not feature nudity.

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      While gore and Severed Limbs weapon feature are ok?!

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      Uhm… yes? Isn’t that what we love Rune so much for?

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      Wtf !?
      Violence/gore OK?
      Nudity ( like feature to take off undergarments with censor option ) = Bad?

      I guess you haven’t played Or heard of Conan exiles .

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      No, i have not. Why? This is Rune, not Conan Exiles, please stop bringing it up as an example of some sort, because i have no idea what you’re talking about. Violence/gore is absolutely ok here, that’s the whole point. If you don’t like it, what are you even doing here? Have you even played the original game? Or are you one of those who played it with blood/dismemberment off and evading all the enemies? If so, why are you complaining about the lack of nudity, if it was never even an option in the original game? Are you a perv or something?

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    *spares the defenseless baby seal he was about to sacrifice to Odin*

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    Unless there would be plans for a scene with some Vikings relaxing in the Sauna,
    nudity wouldn´t make sense in Rune´s rather cold enviroment.

    *****beats the defensless baby seal to death and stiches a pair of warming gloves with the fur*****

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    Bare male viking chests will bring all the girls to the yard.

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    Sorry, but why would you even want something like this in Rune?.. It’s none of my business, but just out of sheer curiousity, what’s up with that? Like if there wasn’t enough of all sorts of that stuff out there already. I mean, i liked Ragnar’s bare torso in the original game, but Rune is a fun brutal slasher, not a dating sim.

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      Ok ,but Who The **** asked for turn this game into dating sim !?

      When someone ask about gore and no one call em “psychopath “ or somthing .
      But when someone ask about nudity content , you ask em it’s a dating sim or what ever !?
      I guess you haven’t played or heard of Rust or especially Conan exiles .

      Nudity and gore are same thing .
      I mean it adds nothing game mechanical wise, its just asthetics,realism/immersive . Toggle nudity would give players the OPTIONS to go nude or not( while or if full undressed or full unequiped all armour or clothes instead of locked behind undergarments ) . Thats entirely up to the player, and if YOU don’t like it, then you don’t have set nudity on. Just like on Conan, theres options in the settings menu to turn off , set it to off , or straight up go full on nudity.
      It doesn’t mean you HAVE to play the game like that?

      You response felt like .. you giving bad representation or hatred against human body?( is it ?)

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      Nobody asked to turn this into a dating sim, that’s the whole point. Gore and violence were in there since the very beginning, and it was awesome. The original Rune was nothing but a fun, gory, bloody slasher with a great story and charismatic characters. I have not played Rust or Conan exiles, but i have played Rune, and what you are asking for is completely unnecessary. That stuff fits in big RPGs like TES series, Rune is not like that. The developers should focus on the gameplay and combat mechanics, not tits. What is it with you and nudity? As i’ve stated above, the whole Internet is ovefrilled with all sorts of erotic stuff, there’s no need to shove it in here.

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      But you know what? Screw that, you’re right. Damn, you are right! Go ahead, have all the nudity you want. Have all the sandbox, crafting, surviving, nudity and other RPG stuff, have a load of it. And take that damned open world game along with it, because i don’t want it. This is not The Game i knew, this is not Rune i’ve been playing for 18 years now, this is just another generic project made to please the masses for a while. Because that’s what’s cewl today – “crafting” and “surviving”, kids love that. Look, ma, i took a stick and a piece of metal, gotta make a great sword! 😀 Oh, and a co-op, co-op is cewl too. Only it uses the great name of the great old game that once conquered our hearts. So take it, have it all. I will just go back to the roots.

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    Just play it in the nude dude. That’s what I’m gunna do.

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    Leave it to Go@tLord to provide best possible answer. My opinion is simple. If a person would like to experience nudity in a melee video game, Conan: Exiles fits the bill perfectly. I played it for 790 hrs, in all its glory. As a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s universe, having option of nudity made perfect sense. In Rune? Absolutely not. People of all ages, right or wrong, played Rune Classic.

    As for Rune II’s RPG / Survival elements; I hardly think that it will be some sort of crazed grind. I think it’s about searching for clues, dealing with differences in the ages, and being ready to take on Loki, once able. Had HH simply made a copy of Rune Classic with updated graphics, we would see endless threads about why it was not made into an RPG, and or, survival game. I want all of it. The option to play the game any way I want. Rune does not need nudity to be fun.

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    SWJ?!! That’s about the last thing anyone who knows me would pin on me. I’m about as politically incorrect as a person can be. I merely stated the obvious. Conan:Exiles is set in Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age. Having read R.E.H’s entire literary output, including his poetry and material few could even get their hands on; I just might be in the position to declare nudity in Conan games appropriate. It is an option in various games, and it does not bother me in the least. Rune had people of all ages playing it, so I personally do not agree with the inclusion of this option.

    I understand that children get a hold of games like Conan:Exiles, SCUM, and many others that have nudity. I’ll agree that in a survival game it can make perfect sense to include nudity, but Rune’s environmental survival elements are light. If I thought it would help Rune 2 sell better, I would want it implemented. After all, this is already a really sick world we live in; right? Heck, some of my friends run Skyrim with all kinds of nudity and script all sorts of nonsense to happen because, truthfully, they don’t have much of a social life. I think the human body is a beautiful thing and only social contructs turn it into something else. Lastly, having worked for Origin and Blizzard Entertainment I think I might know more about video games than most. Since Pong 1972…

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    I think everything that needs to be said about this topic has been said. RUNE II will not feature nudity, and that’s not up for debate.

    I’m locking this topic. Keep it locked.

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