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    Dont really understand Rune 2.
    At the moment i am at level 34 and i have sailed to each island.
    The map is completely visible.
    I traveled a lot to LOKI … while ragnarok is happens for itself and by activating it with the runes.
    When i fight LOKI only the golden healthbar of him is falling.
    When the golden bar is gone he disappers and a chest with weapons occours.
    Then he comes up again and i beat him …. but again … only the golden healthbar.
    He disappears and a chest.
    Three times.
    Then i am thrown out and i am back in the island world in another age.
    That happend a felt thousand times.
    What the fuck i have to do to be able to kill him completely?

    That is the greatest problem with the game.
    Not the 5 year old looking graphic.
    Not the unnatural looking movement of the models.
    Not the bugs where i can earn from one rock or one tree unlimited wood or stone from time to time.
    Not the thin story where you think “Rune 1 was much better”.
    It is the fact that the game does not tell the player how the system really works and what this age gameplay is about and why you cannot deafeat LOKI completely and why each island has level numbers but each creature rises up to your level and what the hell is a realm weapon and where to find it (Obviously needed to defeat LOKI completely) and so on.
    The “How to” in the game is horrible.
    You can find Atlantis for real much easier than to find information about this questions.
    Only one russian Youtube Video to find that gives no clue why he can kill the blue bar and i am not.

    Maybe someone could upload a tutorial video here or on youtube with instructions what exactly players have to do to finish the game.
    At least a clear how to instruction that everyone knows.
    It is very frustrating not to know how to beat it and … after playing for about 28 Hours or so … deinstall the game by saying in frustration “Worst Game ever!”.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Player messaging and solving those problems are high on our priority list.

    You’ll need to craft a Realm weapon to damage Loki’s health bar. You can find them from your god’s crafting quest or when Loki drops the recipe stick for his sword.

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