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    I just bought Rune 2, and I love the setting and openness of the game.

    After playing for 2 hours, I had some general feedback:

    1. My first weapons were a rusty sword and axe. I saw at the bottom of the item stats there was a banner that said the item could be forged or repaired. I tried to repair it with some flint. It let me use my flint but nothing happened. I then saw in the middle of the item box it said the item was unrepairable. The text at the bottom should not say the item is repairable. Also, the game shouldn’t let me waste a flint on the item if it’s unrepairable.
    2. I hate to say it, but there isn’t enough grinding in the game. Crafting materials are too easy to come by. I have no sense of accomplishment when I constructed a building or craft an item.
    3. The bandits are everywhere. I feel like encounters with bandits should be less common. There’s not much reward for fighting them, and constantly stopping to fight them is annoying.
    4. Is there a way to respec my skill credits later in the game? I have no idea what I should be putting my skill points into right now and have just been splitting them evenly across every attribute.
    5. Does the penalty for dying change at higher levels? Right now, I have no fear of dying since the only penalty seems like having to return to the nearest spawn point. I feel like my equipped items should at least get damaged when I die.
    6. When I pop back in at a spawn point after I die, I’m above the ground and drop onto the stone pad. My character stumbles and the camera shakes. It looks bad. It seems like it might be nicer if I spawned on the ground, directly on the pad.

    I also noticed some possible bugs:

    3. Some trees seem to not be choppable even though they’re identical to a tree I just chopped. I’m not sure why this is happening.
    4. When I use a consumable item like food from within my inventory (and not on my hot swap bar), the count doesn’t seem to reduced until I open and close my inventory again. It would be nice if the count was updated immidiately after I used the item.
    5. Loot and crafting materials seem to float in the air a lot. Some times they’re unreachable.
    6. Unless, I’m missing something loot the falls into deep water seems to be unreachable. Should items float on the water, or is there a way to dive that I’m missing?

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