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    Rune Project Director Chris Rhinehart will be going on Facebook Live for an AMA this coming Tuesday, July 10th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm CDT!

    Closed Beta is underway and we know you have plenty of questions to ask him! Feel free to post them ahead of time in this forum thread. After the AMA, we will round up unanswered questions for a blog post.

    If you’d like to join the Closed Beta, sign up for our newsletter to be entered in the next key drawing!

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    Bump! Let us know if you have any questions prior to the AMA 😀

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    Cheers for the reminder, James! Here’s a few:

    As we get closer to Early Access, will Human Head be sharing plans or a roadmap for post-launch support?

    What kind of non-hostile creatures can players expect to encounter?

    Will any of the islands have cave systems or interior areas to explore?

    How will the story be delivered to players?

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    Thanks Hedy! Hope you can tune in tomorrow. 😀

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      Yes, I’ll definitely watch as much as I can get away with at work! 😉

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    Will we see weird creatures in RUNE, in the same way we saw weird, untypical stuff for a viking setting in the original in the way of the dangler fish, goblins, tubestrikers, giant moths, giant crabs and so on? Looking through the old manual and the old Rune RPG, the team seemed to have no shortage of ideas for the weirder kinds of creatures.

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    Actually, the weird slug must have been a favourite. I’ve seen two versions of it.

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    So another question for Chris; Can you give some background info on some of those weird concept art creatures from the original? What role were they gonna have had they been implemented and so on. I’m particularly interested in Slug-Guy. And the weird Morrowind flea monster.

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    Will there be non-viking related content?

    I actually addressed this before in my entry for island names, where I suggested a resurfaced version of the legendary city of Atlantis. Classic RUNE had the roman sword, sunken galleys, stelae and other antiquities that made RUNE’s universe feel much larger. I figured relics from ages past as well as trade goods and art from places far away (like jade figurines, which are known to have made their way from china to medieval europe) in homeopathic doses will help achieving the same effect for RR.


    How will RUNE appeal to collectors?

    Everyone who has played RPGs for a while knows this. You’re hunting for items that have no practical use whatsoever and,even despite high monetary value, never sell them. I for example, playing TES IV, had the house in Skingrad stashed to the ceiling with coin, precious metals and gems, neatly stored in bowls and such. The Anvil villa’s cellar littered with bones, rotten flesh and bloody rags. Bruma a memento to the Daedra crisis. Chorrol an armory. You get the picture.

    I think the average RPG-player is like a dragon: hoarding stuff and sleeping on it, making base for acquiring more stuff to hoard.


    Will there be personalized space?

    A small instanced personal island located in a fog bank somewhere at the edge of the map would be great! A place to store your goods, relax from the imminent apocalypse and have a drink with your friends.

    When it’s the end of the world everybody needs a safe space, right?

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    Thanks for the questions! Hope you all can make it today, just an hour and 20 minutes til show time 😀

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    Hey, everyone! Here’s a link to the recap if you missed the AMA yesterday. Thank you to all who submitted questions and participated, hope to see you next time.


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    Hey, HH.

    Thanks for more details on the world, but there`s a thing that still worries me, though someone already described it some time ago.

    From what we have at the moment, the game is focused on open-world, non-linear model. There are no dungeons or other hidden structures in game because the world is experiencing a cataclysm, everything is messed up, old paths are ruined, people are scattered, the world itself split apart etc.

    The question is: will there be habitable and functioning forts/strongholds/outposts or villages, where we can see the signs of remaining civilization? Will we see contrasts between vast lands and well-fashioned and functional architecture?

    I seriously miss the enclosed parts of the original: namely Thorstadt (which looks grim and abandoned, but there`s still life behind its walls – cozy rooms with fireplaces, meats are smoked, something stews in cauldron, meads being stored in kegs). And especially the Dwarf realm with all this cool machinery, colossal palaces, aqueducts, forges, hydroelectric dams and interesting fresco and sculpture art. Will there be anything close to this awesomeness?

    And another one, small question. Will there be some off-world islands with unfamiliar weather effects, weird physics and materials? Like the Skycities in Unreal, Xen in Half-life, Dishonored`s Void or Valhalla from the original.

    P.S. – Unfortunately I missed two of your recent beta tests, so I`ll do everything possible to join the next one and see everything by myself. So the part of my questions can possibly answer themselves. Good luck!

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    So, another few questions:

    What possible dangers on the sea are there? Regular storms, tornadoes (including waterspouts and firestorms), strong currents which may draw your ship somewhere or smash it against cliffs, traveling ices which can trap your ship and freeze everyone on board unless you abandon it, gigantic whirlpools, reefs or banks where the ship will stick so you`ll need to unload it or disassemble it back into parts?

    How can we predict or resist them? Spot it in early stages and change the course or attempt to break through if your ship is above certain level or discard something you carry onboard or make a sacrifice?

    Will they be caused by random factors or based upon your level? Will the gods curse you on purpose while you are traveling? Thats why I was asking about Aegirs favor some time earlier.

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    Thanks for the questions, Painka! We’ll try to get them answered in the next AMA. Stay tuned 🙂

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    Here`s a few more questions:

    Will there be shields and armor plates made from carapaces, shells or thick hides – anything you can loot from large creatures? Will shields protect you from behind while you carry them on your back? Will fur and leather clothes provide limited protection against fire or direct contact with poisons?

    Can we craft ski or snowshoes to walk faster in deep snows? And anti slippery boots to walk the slopes and ice fields? Can we craft our own beverages and potions? Can we rig a ship with some alarm/anti theft device or put a guard animal on board?

    Can we use spears and bows for hunting aquatic animals or fishing? Can we tie a torch behind the back to free the hands?

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