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    the Online screen freezes, the mouse will not respond, and can’t join online games.

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    Hey, I have the same problem. If I click on “online”, the game crashes. Local works just fine, though.

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    Hello, sorry to hear about the problems. We had more people entering the servers than expected and we are working to get a patch out in the very near future. Feel free to join our Discord server if you haven’t already :

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    This should have been resolved over the weekend – let me know if you’re still seeing any similar issues. Thanks!

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    Hi RUNE James.
    i brought the game today and its updated to latest version. i cannot join ANY server at all. i can play local yes. but trying to join any server either infinite loading, or it just boots back to main menu. also controler doesnt work. i use a mouse and keyboard no problem but while i am at work i like to use the game pad for easier play lol.

    can we have an update of this issues please?

    i have i7 8800
    16GB ram

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      Are you currently running RUNE II version .12L?

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