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    Caution: Bloodshed may stain clothing.

    Take a look at our first gameplay footage featuring Rune’s classic brutal combat and the return of the egg-shaped movement that helped make the original so tactical.


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    I wasn’t expecting gamplay footage this week! It’s a promising first showing, you can really feel the heft behind each attack, especially when they connect, and the gore system is exactly what I’m after – the headless rag doll was brutal! While I think the pace of the swings could be increased a tad just to stay faithful to its frantic, violent viking roots,  I think this is very encouraging!

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    This looks pretty much exactly like what I was hoping for! Great atmosphere, a bit slowed down and heavier-feeling than Rune Classic, and I love it! The movement already looks satisfying, visual design is outstanding, sound and music is absolutely being done right…! Movement and attack speed probably will keep being iterated on within reason, especially during Beta, but HEL, it already looks way more enjoyable than For Honor!

    I love the axe!


    Great, great job, Human Head!


    Now, question;

    Will we get the return of the beyond-awesome Roman Sword/Viking Axe combat stance? It’s so f***ing badass and savage-looking!

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    I have a few things to say.

    Weapon Attack Combos

    In the first Rune there were some weapons which had pretty useless attack combos. Sometimes it did not make any sense to use attack move combos at all, you were better off just spamming the first attack over and over.

    After watching the video, I kind of get the same feeling again. The follow up attack, swinging the axe back from left to right looks weak and pointless, it does not give you any real advantage. It would be great if you could do something to change this somehow.

    Maybe you could try to make it feel more rewarding for players to hit the combos. Perhaps by increasing the attack speed or damage with every successful hit or something like that. Give us a reason to use the combos.

    Player Movement

    While I also prefer the egg-shaped movement to the other option, I do wish there would be a few more ways to move around when you are fighting. Maybe some kind of short charge, moving towards an enemy and pushing him back with the shield. Or getting down, quickly moving to the side of an enemy and hitting him in the leg or in the gut. Or just a basic, straight-forward kick, like the one in the first Rune.

    Controller Supported Combat

    I also hope you make it possible to play the game with a game controller as an alternative to the classic keyboard+mouse combination. And if you do that you should also enable some sort of automatic aiming. Not perfect aiming, not cheat aiming, but basic aiming, something to keep the enemy you have attacked targeted for a short while after the first attack. The challenge then would be hitting movement and attack combo buttons at the right time instead of struggling to keep the enemy in sight. It would make the game more fun to play with a controller.

    Other than that, the head coming off at the end of the video looked pretty awesome. The game definitely has some potential.

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    Thanks everyone! We’re hard at work incorporating all of your feedback into the game and putting together more gameplay videos for you. Keep the feedback coming!

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    Its really interesting seeing the feedback here versus in the other post in general.

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    Why, not bad! Not bad at all, i’d say. I actually liked what i saw! Previously when i was watching developer streams, i had that strong feeling that everything was… i dunno, weightless, too fast-moving? Like if weapons had no weight, characters moved too lightly… now i can actually feel the weight behind the screen. Now, as Handaxe mentioned above, i think it would be fair to say that, well, combos are in demand, like in the original Rune. Just as before, you press lmb one time – character makes one slash move with a weapon, you hit lmb a few times – you get a combo attack like in the original game; no need to re-invent the wheel here, everything was just perfect 18 years ago. Oh, and we also need that “sightless screen” when you aim just with mouselook, like in the original. Just make it like in classic Rune, really, that would be perfect.

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    Would be awesome to have a Vitki class (Rune Sorcerer) in the game. With all the runic correspondences with the elements, necromancy, etc as spells…
    Loving it so far!

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