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Forums Community General Discussion How will HumanHead Studios shut down and sale to Bethesda Softworks affect Rune?

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    I’ve gotta say, this is a pretty rocky start, 1 day after release and they go out of business?

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    yeah, not very encouraging is it, i assume their new home at bethesda will gain the rights, and possibly still support the game, but just as likely they bethesda will not support it, and bethesda will call the shots.

    The timing is odd, its as though they rushed the release incase bethesda would scrap the project, so they released the game as is 1 day before bethesda aquired them.

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    We are working quickly to resolve any current technical issues while we build the team that will execute the exciting planned future of RUNE II’s post-launch content strategy. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through any launch issues.
    Our plan remains to continue working on RUNE II and launch onto other PC platforms in 2020. We’re excited to show you the future of RUNE II content. Stay tuned!

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    I’m excited for future Rune II updates! I love this game!

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    Don’t despair people. Bethesda is a HUGE company with vast resources. If anything, this ensures that future content will be released; particularly ARENA. Combat will continue to improve and become more like Rune Classic. We just have to keep pushing for it. It is true that the game could have used more time to cook, but overall, I am pleased with what Human Head Studios was able to accomplish with a small team of talented individuals. Rune II is a combat game at its core, and the RPG elements add an interesting twist. In a sense, with SP, and Co-OP, we can play for a long time and find all sorts of crazy ways to have fun. DM/TDM offers a platform to play as we used to play in Rune Classic. For Odin’s sake give it a chance. If we are lucky, Bethesda will take new property and inject coding talent that the game needs to take it to the next level. Let the haters hate; we don’t need them. They can go play Call of Duty. I’m in it for the long haul.

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      Yea VAST resources…come on. Bethesda is nothing more than a greed driven POS. If you expect anything than aggressive microtransactions you haven’t been following the news lately. Fallout 76…this game is done for…what a waste…

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      “Combat will continue to improve”

      Well, it can’t get much worse. I was hoping for something that would feel like the first Rune, not a crafting/survival game.

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      But Terminus, Human Head’s no longer open. The team’s now at Roundhouse Games, owned by Zenimax, which has put the studio to work on “unannounced projects”. The team that created the game is no longer involved with Rune II. The publisher of the game, Ragnarok Games, LLC, doesn’t even have a development team to put to work on the game yet. Despairing’s a reasonable reaction.

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      Yeah, i think Hedy is correct. Human Head Studio is gone and its devs moved to different projects. They are no longer involved in the development of Rune II nor is Bethesda. Human Head was a part of the development team, who worked for Ragnarok Games, LLC to finish the game. But they were allegedly not the only ones. RG LLC has its people who were involved in the development. So RG LLC is putting together a team, which could carry on with R2. .. this is how I understand it. And they have already published two hotfixes after the game release. Which gives us hope, that the works on the game are going to continue.

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