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    please add healt regen(yes i know about regen inside your own houses).

    2 good option :

    1) Very slow regen outside house – like 1% helth in 3 sec.
    2) Regen to some constant – like GTA 5(regen to 50%) or Max Payne 1-2 (regen to 20-25%)

    Or both, but please add it.
    Elex, Risen and other game very annoying cause no regen.

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    I find it’s pretty easy to get a large stack of cooked meat or lizards, mapped to hotkey for quick snack / heal.

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    What do you need regeneration for? Don’t you find enough consumables? Or don’t you like keeping an eye on your health bar (while not in a fight)?

    Instead of constant health regen, I would rather like to see a new rune that replenishes let’s say 80% of your health over time.

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