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    every few minutes the game freezes.
    the picture stands still for 2-4 seconds.
    in taskmanager u can see it drops from 85% gpu usage to 0% during the freeze.
    after the few seconds the gpu goes back to 85% usage and the game continues normally.

    this happens between every 5-15mins, depending on region.
    not sure whats causing this, at least windows event logs do not show any hardware or software errors when the freeze occurs.

    Game v0.9L (launch release)
    Ryzen 7 3700X, 16GB RAM, Win10 v1903
    Radeon 5700XT, Driver 19.10.2

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    Was this happening in the main menu/server screen or in the actual game? If it was in the game was it online or offline? Thank you. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord as well:

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