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    Greetings from Milwaukee ^_^

    * I really enjoy the visuals, and the music and atmosphere. It might be trivial to some people but the dynamic nature of the pace and music when entering and exiting fights really adds that extra touch.
    Pair that with the UI when in water freezing, or in battle bloody – really sucks you in.

    * Hit detection on some weapons seemed off, at times I would swing 2 or 3 times through an enemy with no health drop, then next two in same distance hit perfectly. This particularly happened with the two handed long sword.
    ** Conversely, the blocking was solid IMO. As long as I had stamina, I never felt cheated by getting killed while holding my shield up.
    ** This lead me to using more shield and sword/axe combos – I felt I could be faster than the two handed weapons.

    * The dodging controls were definitely a steep learning moment – but that’s not a bad thing. The fact that it’s not “easy” to dodge is good…I can’t imagine dodging like that IRL is easy. After about an hour of play I started to get the hang of it and use it to my advantage during fights.

    * I really liked the variety and distribution of the weapons. I do feel like I never found armor. One time I found a gold chain-mail type which was really sick. It’s possible I just missed them tho. I did find the warrior animal head-dress type armor tho so that was cool.
    ** I was lucky enough to find one of the massive gold GOD crates and that was a trip. Flaming weapons are very powerful. At first I thought they were too OP, but I was both kill with and killed others with them so I think it was balanced.

    * One thing I really appreciate is that you keep your gear when you die (aside from the weapon you were using). This REALLY helps out the player on respawn so they’re not “completely” screwed.

    * It took a little while to get used to the 1,2,3,4,5 alt hotkey item switching. But I was getting used to it by the end.
    ** One thing I would mention is perhaps make the mouse scroll wheel indicator more obvious – Sometimes when I was scrolling while running the icons were hidden off the left a bit.
    *** I think i’ll try to incorporate more mouse buttons

    * At the beginning I was button mashing hard – but as time went on more calculated and methodical presses (even if in mash form) will almost always win and I like that. You can button mash if you want but you’ll probably lose.

    * I was absolutely a fan of the dynamic weather. I mean, who wouldn’t be but I thought I should say it anyways.

    I’ll definitely be coming back for the other beta plays this week – see you then!

    Oh also, I got a “double kill” with a bow in close combat and it made my mouth drop from epicness…It was pretty sweet.

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    [Day 2] 3-4 hours of play

    * Armor – I immediately noticed an increase in the amount of armor I found in the world. So thank you HH if you tweaked something because comparing a similar play time from yesterday and today I found probably 5x as much wearable gear.

    * Weather – To me it seemed like today the weather and time of day was MUCH more dynamic – and to that end more obvious. I’m not sure if its just me but I found myself noticing the snow, rain, night, daylight much more (in a positive way). The fog is so thick you could cut through it, which reduces visibility massively – adds a nice touch to the atmosphere of the game; fighting in a burning house in deep fog where you can barely see eachother really makes me feel like I’m there – so that was great. Otherwise, it seemed there was just a much more noticeable difference in the weather or time of day which I really enjoyed.

    * Hit detection – seems to be better than yesterday for most weapons, although two handed weapons, like the great sword seem to have a mysterious deadzone.
    ** For two handed weapons – particularly the great sword – here is my observation.
    If you’re up close and get a hit – pretty much every subsequent hit connects. However if you’re within a further fight, but still within (at least visual weapon) range of the enemy, there seems to be an odd “deadzone” where sometimes on my screen it looks like the upper 1/3 of the sword is swinging through the enemy, but they’re not taking damage.
    After a while when this would happen I learned to disengage from the fight and try another approach to get in closer; which actually worked pretty well.
    ** One handed weapons seem pretty crisp to me. It’s possible this doesn’t seem as prevalent in 1 handed weapons since you naturally have to be closer anyways.
    I find that a block/slash reset combo works nicely. I really enjoy the speed of the one handed weapons.
    ** Bows seem to be completely fine.

    * Input Mapping – This isn’t a “bug” but it was definitely confusing till I figured it out; If you remap a control button to something that is already assigned that key it will stay there for both inputs. Then on press (I’m unsure but guessing) it takes the first assigned one, or perhaps a random of the two.
    ** I tested this with the middle button on the mouse. I set that to be my Throw (replacing ‘Q’ key). However it was already mapped to the Emote wheel.
    When I would press the middle mouse button I only ever got the Emote wheel.
    If I remapped the Emote wheel to something else, then the middle button performed the throw function.
    ** Perhaps you can warn the player if they are trying to map > 1 function to the same input – or not allow them to do that all together? Otherwise, this is kind of a user error thing…who would purposely map the same input to two functions if only 1 will play so I can live with just “not” doing that.

    * Throwing bombs – the bombs that you get from god crates were difficult for my character to throw. I would equip them then attempt to press ‘Q’ (now mapped back to defaults) and it would only give me the throw reticle like half the time. Sometimes it would do nothing, then I’d press left click a lot in a panic because I’m now getting sliced up when I thought I was going to throw a bomb, I would be punching with a bomb in hand. Then as I turn to run my character throws the bomb.
    Could be a user error issue as well – perhaps I have to be more deliberate with my actions regarding them. However I will say I saw a significant amount of players “punching” with bombs in their hands (me included) so I don’t know if that was because they were experiencing the same inability to throw them as I was or something else.
    It’s minor – but after a few tries I stopped equipping bombs because the inconsistency would only get me killed.

    In the end – I think there are a ton of improvements from yesterday! Still a couple things that need to be ironed out, but that’s what betas and people like us are for right?

    See you tomorrow HH!

    (Oh also, I was playing when Katherine was streaming – she killed me a lot but I got her a few times. ^_^ It’s just cool to be able to play with the devs/designers/creators themselves).

    Cheers from Milwaukee

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    [Day 3] 2 hours of play

    First I just have to say, thank you HH for actually reading this and fixing what you can (obviously not everything is a single day fix). Serious, day 1 I mentioned it seemed like armor was sparse; next day there was armor galore. Day 2 I mentioned the double assigning input control “issue”; today it no longer allows you to map > 1 input to a single function, perfect! Also, day 2 I mentioned an inconsistency with the bombs; I used bombs multiple times today, and saw others using them in quick succession during a fight while swapping in and out of them with ease so that seems to be fixed.
    Just wanted to give a quick shout out before I gave my Day 3 feedback ^_^.

    * I have posted a separate post regarding my observation and a potential “unintended hack” involving Light vs Heavy attacks with some weapons.
    * In short the visual difference in Light vs Heavy attacks for all weapons I tried are not obvious enough unless you spend time analyzing. Only after I watched the attacks side by side did I finally notice the subtle differences. My other post explains this in full, and notes on something that should be investigated.

    * Hit Detection – It seems to be “better”, or a step in the right direction which is good. There are still times where I feel cheated when I die. It seems to be different per 2 handed weapon, so I’ll list them as I observe them.
    ** (Issue) Still a visual dead zone where it seems as though the sword is slicing right through them but nothing actives (neither damage on their end nor hit blood/sounds on my end). Sometimes there are delayed hit registration where our characters are in still or (non attacking) pose and one of us gets the damage from the last hit applied so it feels like you die from “nothing”, which I will say is frustrating.
    (Good) I did find that as long as I’m closer than I think I have to be the detection was fine. I find that if I can land the first hit, on the back swing it almost always hits, to which then I only need 1 more hit usually to cap them off. Also – as mentioned in the lATK vs hATK post – switching between a combo of heavy and light attacks yielded better hit detection rather than spamming light only (for example).

    * Runes – Others have mentioned that the runes look too similar. I wouldn’t go that far to generalize it to all runes, in my opinion the runes are different enough visually that (obviously it takes a bit to recognize which are which on first playthroughs) there is not a problem.
    ** However, there are two subtle similarities between the Berserker/Health rune and the Health/Stamina rune that make it harder to identify as a quick glance.
    ** Before I describe, I want to say I’m not suggesting runes be reworked or redrawn. Only that perhaps a “tooltip” or “icon” or “some identifier” is added or attached to the rune icon when in the hotbar inventory block so it’s more obvious (aside from rune shape/color) which one you exactly have.
    *** Berserker/Health – Both have red accents in the body, with a pointed vertical elongated shape. If you are quickly trying to map or use one or the other (to me) it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.
    *** Health/Stamina – The stamina rune is completely green, so there is no actual problem I have identifying Health vs Stamina. As a base line, stamina is ‘green’ (rune, ui, commonly in games) and health is ‘red’ (rune, ui, commonly in games). However the health rune (when in the world) has a green vertical glowing base to it which at first glance muddies up the ‘green=stamina’ and ‘red=health’ paradigm. Granted again the runes themselves are wildly different and obvious – just thought I’d mention my observation.

    * Arrows vs other “meta gear” in the inventory –
    ** Meta gear to me is armor, shields, and arrows. Anything that you don’t actually need to have in the hotbar and “use” to equip it. All three of the before mentioned can exist in the regular inventory while being able to click+hold to equip/unequip them. Also in addition when you pick (shields or armor) up they immediately go into the non-hotbar inventory space; but equip them. This makes sense.
    Arrows however are different. Picking up arrows auto equip to a hotbar section even though you cannot “use” the arrows themselves.
    ** I tested this by using a bow with arrows in the hotbar, and arrows in the non-hotbar inventory and you can shoot them the same.
    *** In my opinion it seems arrows should be treated like shields where, when picked up, they go immediately to the non-hotbar inventory space. Otherwise it’s taking up an unnecessary hotbar space. However this presents a problem with “knowing how many arrows you have left”.
    So I can see why they were put into the hotbar, so you can tell how many you have left. It might not be the best solution to this problem, but perhaps a numeric icon or indicator on the bow hotbar icon indicating how many arrows you have left? That would solve the “wasted” hotbar equip block AND give the player still an indication of how many arrows are left.

    * I submitted a bug regarding the UI but in short if you die with the ‘esc’ menu up, when you respawn the menu UI overlap will be present but the mouse will be controlling the player. You have to press ‘esc’ to close the menu on spawn if this happens to get back to normal view. That’s not a big deal.
    However, if you spawn and your menu is open and you WANT to traverse the menu you have to double press ‘esc’ to close and reopen the menu which then proceeds to work like normal. Small issue, but noticed it.

    This whole beta has been a blast, and thanks for taking the time to play with us HH team ^_^

    Hope my feedback helps, and again glad to see a studio actually listen to their users (as I’ve seen you do now and in the past).



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    [Day 4] 2 hours

    There isn’t too much more to report since the first three days were pretty extensive, but I did notice a few additional things which I thought I should mention.

    * Music – The music both in game and in the menu/character creation screen is outstanding. Like really exceptional. I recall Katherine mentioning in one of the HH streams that the music is from an original composer, so that makes sense, but I just wanted to give positive feedback in regards to the quality of the music.

    * Runes – The two runes “Thors Might” and “Health Rune” are identical in regards to the rune shape and color. Granted the background hotbar color is slightly different tho, but when in a fight that is very un-noticeable. Perhaps these two could be tweaked to be different? Maybe rending the Thors Might a different color, or even inverting the rune rotation could help.

    * Combat observation + suggestion – I found myself experiencing the below scenario quite a lot.
    [Observation] I would enter a fight with someone 1v1 and get them to a few hits from death. They turn to run away and I get another hit in as they turn to run, however their speed is not slowed so I cannot perform an additional hit. Now they’re at 1 or 2 hits from death. However they start running and they’re “just” out of reach as we begin an endless chase. Eventually (through trying to cut off angles or guess which direction they’re going to turn) I catch up with them and manage to get another strike in. However this doesn’t slow their speed at all, and I have now stopped my running to perform the hit, so after that hit – as long as it wasn’t the last hit they continue running and the chase continues. Then usually it ends with a third party showing up in front of them by chance and taking 1 slice and getting the kill I worked for like 5 minutes for. This is frustrating for the following reason.

    [Reasoning] Granted, I understand that that is part of the game, if you get someone close to death and they turn to run, pull out your bow and shoot them in the back, or quickly throw your weapon, or even try a quick double fwd attack which should knock them on the ground allowing you to probably secure the kill.
    However if you choose to not, or can’t do any of those and pursue them, when you catch up to them finally through skill, cunning, or just more stamina, hitting them should stop them from sprinting again for a bit or stagger them or something so they can’t just constantly run at full speed even though someone just sliced their midsection with a longsword. I do still think if the player still has enough stamina to perform a side or other directional dodge, they should still be able to do that as a last ditch effort to avoid their attacker. I’m only talking about the movement speed here.

    [Suggestion] I do not think speed should be slowed to anything < walking speed. That would make combat borderline impossible to make everyone move like molasses if they get hit once. However I think that if you are actively sprinting or are not walking and you get hit, there should be a (maybe 1 second?) delay in the time to regain sprinting. This way if someone catches up to you, if you blindly continue to try running you will die – because the first hit will slow you to walking speed, but by then you’re already in arms reach of your attacker so they will most likely kill you.

    [Potential solution to the infinite chase] Forcing a speed decrease when hit, to walking (or base movement speed) would stop the infinite chase from happening. From the perspective of the “player running away” if they know that even though running IS a viable option of escape from a fight, if they get hit while running they’re most likely going to die which will force them to play differently. Instead of running forever, they will strategically try and run to position themselves in a way to counter attack their assailant. Perhaps they sprint off then suddenly turn and perform a double fwd attack which should knock the chaser down, or throwing a bomb, or shooting an arrow potentially allowing them to kill the chaser, or at least give them a sizable gap in distance if they wan’t to continue running (for which now they will most likely get away). From the perspective of the “player pursuing” while chasing they will know that if they can get 1 strike in they will have a better chance of securing the kill. In addition if everyone involved knows this, it becomes less of a “chaser, chased” situation and more of a game of chicken. The chaser doesn’t want to blindly sprint towards the runner for fear they might turn and attack. The chased doesn’t want to blindly sprint forever for fear that 1 hit will slow them and ultimately lead to their death. This way both parties are now trying to guess what the other will do – while eachothers stamina is running out. I think this could create a much more strategic and exciting 1v1 if the scenario of “someone fleeing from the fight” happens since simply running forever is no longer an option.
    * Granted, I have not seen this in action, so it’s possible my suggestion will result in slower fights, odd encounters, and actually make this situation worse. Just something to potentially consider.

    Thanks for putting the servers back up an extra day, I was finally able to secure a win on the last day; quite rewarding!

    Excited to get my hands on the real deal,


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