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    Build 0.0.23T

    [Day 3 of beta]

    If you die with the ‘esc’ menu up, when you respawn the menu UI overlap will be present but the mouse will be controlling the player.
    You have to press ‘esc’ to close the menu on spawn if this happens to get back to normal view.
    If you spawn and your menu is open and you WANT to traverse the menu you have to double press ‘esc’ to close and reopen the menu which then proceeds to work like normal.
    Seems like the menu should be force closed when you die so it is not open on respawn.

    Just have the menu up when you die, or when you die press the ‘esc’ key. In the latter, you won’t see the menu on the ‘Death’ screen but it will be open when you respawn.
    Then using the mouse will control the player while the UI is open on screen.

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