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    Seems to be the new enemies in Rune Ragnarok are giants, and dark warriors.

    In Rune Classic, many players really liked the Dwarf levels.
    Not wanting to bring the old game characters into this new game,
    but gamers like dwarves for some reason.

    Besides the dwarf bad guys, they also liked:
    the Zombies
    the Sarks

    Players of Rune Classic experienced a lot of humor
    in the original Rune while fighting off these warriors
    of Hel and Loki.

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    Dwarves are going to be in the game! There’s a preview on this website’s homepage.

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    Well, technically speaking, there were giants in Rune, the Ice giants. I only discovered them in the Steam version though, the disc version of the game didn’t have any. I could see the reason why they’ve been removed, they were kinda… a “bit” overpowered. As for the dark warriors, i’m afraid i don’t even know what you mean by that. In Rune there were dark vikings who served Conrack. Dwarves i loved and hated at the same time because of their auto aim and the ability to jump attack, sending the player flying across half a map.

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    Is there any chance they will eventually add my beloved snowbeasts?

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