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    Game play has improved a good bit and the dedicated death match mode is ultra welcome. You’re close enough that I’m happy to buy the game now. However…

    We REALLY need crouching. I implore you. It is as essential to my fighting in Rune as any weapon. Also serves as a good and clear “surrender” move. Why, oh why, is there still no crouching? PLEASE add it.

    Other thoughts:

    – Dodging has improved but it still appears impossible to dodge and attack simultaneously. The dodge always seems to start first. This really hampers the main thing that made fighting in Rune so great.

    – I really don’t like the revision to the hammers. They are near useless. Sure, Rune Classic’s hammer use was probable unrealistic, but that was its strength. I don’t want realism, I want hellishly fun gameplay.

    – Why is the spear so strong compared to other weapons?

    – The lag during the hour I played was pretty horrendous on a Google Fiber connection. If it was that bad with limited players, I shudder to think how it fare under real load.

    – The graphics are better but some components still look 10 years old (fire, for example). GTX 970 Strix on cinematic.

    Anyway, glad to see this progressing. Thanks for listening.

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    Also, please work on some indoor maps for death match. Love those tight spaces and ambushes. Yessir.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass on the crouching suggestion to the team and ask if dodging while attack is working as intended or is a bug. Regarding your other points, we’re looking at adding more variety to weapons so they feel different enough from each other. The spear being super strong is something we’re looking at internally as well.

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