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    We asked social media what gameplay they wanted next, and they said new environments! Midgard is full of beautiful islands and mystical ruins. But, you must beware – the dangers of Ragnarok won’t leave you too much time for sightseeing.

    If there’s something else you want to see, let us know!

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    Music is giving me goosebumps! Aurora Borealis and looks of the skybox do the rest.

    I know there is a special thread to this, but I’d like to have a “know your way around”-server setting which disables the map and requires the player to navigate by landmarks and/or the stars in the sky. Could lead to awesome Odysees.

    Speaking of which: I couldn’t make out any formations, but I hope this is our terran nightsky. You know I’m nagging alot about how immersion is very important. It is, especially in fantasy. Keep in mind that what you see in a night sky is depends on how far you are north or south.

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      Watched the video 5 times now, still goosebumps. What kind of vile magic is that?!

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      Thank you, LOPT! Glad you liked it 😀 Are you saying their should be consistent star formations to use as a natural guide? I’m not sure what you mean by terran, sorry.

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      The nightsky should be the same you would see if you were standing in, let’s say central sweden. Midgard is earth, so making a nightsky just like ours would be beneficial as players would be able to recognize something from real life. I guess it would help them to feel at home in RUNE’s universe, hence impending doom of said universe would feel much more meaningful.

      Pardon me, I really didn’t get that across first post.

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      It would be awesome to have an ability to know your location if you dont have a map for a particular area in the world. Just imagine how your nav sense may visualize in game - for instance, youre stranded in some unfamiliar land without a map or a compass or anything. Just stare at the sky and press your map key – then the stars are artificially brightened, lines are drawn between them to display constellations and in a short time the beacons appear around the horizon, showing you corners of the world, other beacons displaying directions and distances to the familiar lands and your waypoints. If there are backlights for pickups, please make them for navigation points too.

      Jeez, my language is a mess(

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      Cool suggestion, I will pass it along!

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      I love it!

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