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    The votes are in! Here’s a sailing preview for your viewing pleasure. It’s nice to know Ragnarok hasn’t frozen all Nine Realms yet…we think this part is rather beautiful.

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    HYPED! This is going to be so much fun banding together with a bunch of buddies to go on a giant hunt or adventuring in Midgard. The use of music and the way the sound of the waves was amplified was very effective at selling the scene. Was that one of the mid-sized boats, HHKat?

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      Hey Hedy! Thanks for the support. Yep, that’s one of our medium size ships. I have to say, sailing around on one of those is pretty awesome right now.

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      I love the soundtrack! Seriously if you managed to sensibly expand that tune you’d have your main theme right there.

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      Thanks, LOPT. Dean Valentine is amazing. I can’t wait for the full soundtrack.

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      I just saw that the very talented Dean Valentine’s wrapping up the score, and it’s nearly two hours long. I’m very much looking forward to hearing his work. 🙂

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    This is awesome! As a big fan of Wind Waker and always hoping a good viking game with similar gameplay would appear, this greatly pleases me. And that it’s a new RUNE that does it makes it so much sweeter.

    The sailing looks smooth and enjoyable. Fast, which is fitting for RUNE, but still extremely atmospheric. The sound effects were brilliant! The creaking of the wood and metal and everything really helps to give the boat a sense of real weight. Really good stuff!

    Really need to give special mention to the music. It sounds PHENOMENAL! Not simple, boring, clichéd drums and horns only, but a lot of what sounds like nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) or possibly a hurdy gurdy, and I love it! Three thumbs up!


    A few questions though;

    Does wind play a factor? It does not appear to in the clip, but is it planned to be added?

    Can players man the oars for a speed boost? (1 player per oar)

    Are the shields just for show, or can they be picked up and used, I expect the answer to be “yes”. :p

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    I guess playing the nag is up to me again.

    The level design looks awefully artificial, both layout and overlay. There’s a glacial rock located 20 metres from a meadow that looks like a nice spot to plant an orchard. And who’d build a hut that’d be swept away by tide or minor surges even? Speaking of tide and it’s effects: the vegetation placement. Urgh! Placing vegetation right next to the waterline would work for mangroves, but Midgard isn’t Florida.

    Apart from lack of time there is no excuse for bad level design!

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      Given the setting of the game, with several of the realms having merged into each other, and also the world being flooded, most of it makes sense. Natural order is a bit messed up.

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      And there I go ranting about vegetation again. If natural order is in total shambles, flora should be dead or ailing at least.

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    Looks super clunky, but I guess you haven’t worked out all the details yet. World looks beautiful though!

    I know it’s probably best to “ignore logic” but it would do a lot for immersion if the player at least sat at the helm, controlling the rudder/sails. If you wanna control the harpoon as well, get an npc follower or a friend to play with.

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      It’s an alpha version, a mere functionality test. Steering looks clunky, yes, but that’s easily tweakable. Details, like the ship dynamically rocking in the swell, have been thought of beforehand. Apart from basic functions, that is what’s important.

      I somewhat regret being so harsh in my judgement earlier, as it seems to have started a miniature shitstorm. There are alot of positive things in the clip to point out, like diverse environment, beautiful models and fitting soundtrack, just to name a few.

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    Just a question

    after docking my boat, how it will go out ?

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      Judging by the video; by jumping out, awkwardly stubbing your toes on the railing and floating in the air for a brief moment.

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    No, like, after I do what I want to do at the land, how I will get out back rom the sea ? Taking another boat or I will be able to sail back ?

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      Hopefully the boat will still be there, unless someone took it


      I’m gonna make a team to raid islands now and steal boats, leave people stranded and forced to swim

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      Possibly the ‘back’ of the viking ship is also a ‘front’. Viking ships were infamous as being designed to sail ‘backwards’ because they are funtionally the same backwards as forwards.

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    Personally, I found the environments, graphics and OST to be great.

    As for things I hope could get finessed/shown in the future (echoing most players’ views).

    1. Ability to pickup shields from ships like in the original.

    2. Showcasing ability to disembark ship while in the middle of bodies of water, as well as how ship-to-shop combat would look like.

    3. I also feel that the way a viking super-multitasks a pretty big ship is kind of clunky looking. To boost immersion and dynamism in the game play/combat, I would love to see ship tasks isolated.

    In other words, if piloting the ship, your character should be operating the sails or rowing with oars (depending on ship size), accompanied by appropriate animation (not just standing). You would not have control over the ballista unless you “disembark” from your post, forcing the ship to a halt, and move onto and subsequently “activate” the ballista. However, if you have a human friend on-board, they can take separate control of the ballista. I am personally unsure if this switching of posts would be best served by a simple hotkey, like in Battlefield 2, or if you need to press a key, then actually move to the other end of the ship, and then press an “activation” key. Presumably, in combat situations (especially pvp), seeing viking players magically pop to and from posts would seem more ridiculous and abusive than if they were forced to actually move to different posts.

    Otherwise, like many are suggesting, you could hire an NPC crew that would be posted on the particular siege weapons. This way, even if you’re the only human player on the ship, you would still be able to control the ballista, just like the video shows. This would also be very cool because in a ship-to-ship battle, others can kill your NPC crew, say on the ballista, to remove access to that weapon. Assuming they also don’t destroy the siege weapon itself (an option I hope will also be available), you could move to the ballista yourself during ship-to-ship combat and manually pilot it to fend off enemies.

    This, in my opinion, would be incredibly awesome in multi-player situations, where vicious melee combat is accompanied by the chaos of players trying to run to pilot and/or destroy each opposing side’s siege weapons.

    4. Out of curiosity, if your character accidentally/purposely is thrown off the ship while in the seas, will you be able to easily climb back up? How that interplays with the “drowning” mechanic HH briefly mentioned is important, imo.

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      I agree with most of what you’re saying, especially in terms of operating the ballista if there’s only one person on the boat. I think perhaps all the multicrew ideas you have may be a little difficult for them to implement, including using an NPC crew, but I could be wrong. What I’m thinking for just solo sailing, is instead of having your character stand at the front and telepathically controlling everything, he should be at the back using the steering oar. This would also force a player to leave the steering oar and operate the ballista. That one simple change would help immensely with the immersion, in my opinion.

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    On the off chance of ruining a fun ride with realism: shouldn’t you row a boat like this?

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      No. Rudders were used for steering, going upstream and boosting speed if neccessary. A longboat’s main propulsion is the sail.

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    Since it’s Alpha, I’m sure a lot of the stuff is placeholder and subject to change, but I do indeed hope the character will sit at the rudder, controlling the vessel.

    After watching the video many times, I also think the speed should be reduced by probably half or so. The kind of speed, or close to it, we see in the video should be able to be reached only with a full set of hands at the oars, if that will be a thing in the game.


    I swear, I really can’t wait to try this game!


    As a sidenote… did you make the sun smaller? Or does it just appear to be different sizes depending on what kind of island you find yourself on? (Fire themed, ice themed etc) Either way, I like it better the way it appears now!

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    I hope the water effects and sailing mechanics are further developed. Sailing could really be epic in this game…with physics and wave effects like say…Just Cause 3…or Sea of Thieves.

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