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    Epic says I’ve sunk 24 hours of play time into RUNE II already. I bought it last Thursday.

    So, yes, I’m digging it.

    A couple of thoughts though.

    I’m spending way too many key-presses picking up sticks. This either needs to be automated or re-balanced. Look, I’m going to pick up everything that drops anyway. I prefer the way rocks work.

    Better filtering, or a search box in the crafting window. I’m scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. The ability to filter down to just helmets, for example, would be awesome. The ability to sort the filtered list by a given stat (defense value, as an example), even better.

    It would be really nice if crafting in a village would pull materials from the vault as well as inventory.

    The most frustrating part of combat is stun locking yourself by hitting the ground. I suspect the intent was to force me to not use giant swords indoors, which is certainly what my wife would prefer, but there are places where this is unnecessarily frustrating. Heimdall’s tower, for example, where you know you need to use a weapon that swings laterally or you are GOING to hit the stairs and get clobbered.

    I think this game has a tonne of potential, and I’m really happy of how often it reminds me of RUNE.

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    Hi Poodaeus. Thanks for your feedback.

    We recently added a feature where holding E (or USE) will pick up all materials surrounding your character.’

    Better filtering in the crafting window is something we’re looking into. Same with pulling materials from your vault when crafting.

    I’ll pass along that the giant sword hitreacts against environment feel too punishing.

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    Thanks! Really appreciate the hold ‘E’. Also, like how building has been aggregated a bit too.

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