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    The direction is good where the game is heading, I just hope that when it comes to combat you guys always use RUNE1 and early stages of RUNE2 as reference to base on, because even RUNEII alpha videos had really good aspects that are now somehow missing in the current versions.

    For example there is no VFX used for swings/attacks which makes the combat much clearer and transparent for the player, hence higher chance to be able to react to the opponents move. The other thing, and I can’t stress this enough, the limb-amputation mechanic is really not there right now, it’s without function, and overall just a cosmetic thing, that, again, cannot be seen that much as there are too many VFX for every move you do in the fight [every normal swing, and every hit (let it be minimal or high damage) has over the top VFX].

    Bring back higher importance of the limb-amputance mechanic to the combat, not as just something that drops some body-part at the end of the combat, but as something that players could strive for if its really their thing, a part of their combat tactics. It’s an awesome thing that made RUNE fun and unique. For example if players really wanna do jump-attacks with their weapon then it means they want to strike somewhere around the head. Right now jump-attack really doesn’t have any reason to be in game, but if it could make it possible to decapitate someone during fight… then ohyeah, that is something I wanna use jump-attacks for. And there are ways to evade these attacks, so no issue with the balance either, there are many ways to balance these things. There are counter attacks, and there are stats for the players that can decrease the chance to have some limbs cut off during fights (for example higher lvl of defense perk and better armors)

    Toning down these VFXs the game would benefit from it, because it will be somewhat much pleasant to look at and more comprehensible thing to play with. Bringing back the more functional limb-severing mechanic would also please the fans and also make the fights more enjoyable and probably more rewarding.

    Now, last but not least, here is my VIDEO FEEDBACK for 1.0.656 (part 1), with TIMESTAMPS:

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