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Setting Sail for Redheim

04 / 18 / 18
Setting Sail for Redheim

During our 10th episode of The Rune Recap, we announced that our exclusive Closed Alpha Combat Tests will start in May. (You’ve signed up for newsletter, right?) These brutal, PvP battles will take place on Redheim. (Shout out to contest winner and forum user Harvald Bonebreaker for the island name.)

Redheim is a not-so-inviting locale nestled in our 3km by 3km slice of Midgard where Ragnarok has devastated much of the landscape. But, not all is lost on Redheim.

This particular haven is one of the more verdant looks in the Northern section of Midgard. Surrounded by similar islands, this terrain has yet to feel the full impact of Ragnarok. That’s not to say the entire island is still lush and green. Structurally, Ragnarok’s impact is clear: several villages and ancient runes have been decimated and the power of Ragnarok has infused some structures into their neighboring rock, creating runic symbols out of the two.



On Redheim, you’ll find barren clifftops, dense forests, valleys, and sprawling landscapes, allowing you to seek the most advantageous place to stalk your prey. For you diehard Rune fans, you’ll see callbacks to Rune Classic including abundant climbing opportunities – which are as fun as they were in the original game. We savor the moments where two fearsome Vikings are scrambling for the same frost axe, but one takes the slope route, the other takes the climbing route, and neither is sure who’ll get their head chopped off at the top.

As you valiantly enter our Closed Alpha Combat Tests next month, we encourage you to keep a watchful eye on your enemies. While we have the expected vast, beautiful wide-open areas of traditional open world games, you’ll find Rune to have an open-world where every space feels purposefully designed and optimized for brutal PvP combat. Don’t be distracted by Redheim’s beautiful vistas. Enemies will be stalking you from cliffs, lurking within the forests, or waiting in a valley to lop off your arm and beat you to death with it.



As you envision what’s in store for Rune’s open world, imagine the salty wind in your beard as you sail through treacherous waters from this island to one many times its size…but maybe not as lush. Redheim is a small taste of the wonders you’ll behold as you explore our open world – providing you make it past the sea serpents.


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