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RUNE II Servers + Hosting FAQ

03 / 11 / 20
RUNE II Servers + Hosting FAQ

RUNE II Servers + Hosting FAQ

Can I throw money at this and have someone else do it for me?

You sure can. If you don’t want to go through hosting your own server, you can rent a RUNE II server from our friends at G-Portal, Nitrado, Survival Servers, or PingPerfect. We recommend 4 players for the best co-op experience, but the limit is up to you!    

I don’t want to spend money. How do I host my own server?

 To host your own server, you will need the server files that come with RUNE II as included in your Epic Games Download (M:\Epic Games\RuneII\Server) and a little bit of technical knowledge. Let’s walk through some of the basics. NOTE: This guide is written for hosting a RUNE II server on a Windows home computer. Aside from renting a server from our friends at G-PortalNitradoSurvival Servers, or PingPerfect, other hosting formats are not officially supported. 

First things first, you will need to go into your modem or router settings and port forward ports 7777-7781. If you aren’t familiar with where your port forwarding menu in your router is. Search for “ROUTERMODELNUMBER + port forward” into Google. Make sure that you port forward using your IPV4. You can find your IPV4 in your computer by opening the Windows command prompt and typing in “ipconfig”

Port forwarding will happen via your modem, router, of modem/router combo. Here are a few samples to get you started.








Next, we’ll need to unblock ports 7777-7781 on your local PC. The local PC is the one you are hosting the RUNE II server on. While unblocking ports primarily happen in your firewall, depending on setup this could be in software, hardware, or both. For this setup, we will be unblocking ports in Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. 

Go to “New Rule” in the actions pane.

We’re unblocking ports, so select “port”

RUNE II uses TCP/IP, so select TCP up top. Fill in “7777-7781” under specific local ports.

We want to allow connections so people can join your hosted server.

This one depends on your network settings. Select all boxes that apply to your network.

Give this inbound rule a name and optional description, and click finish.

You can verify that your settings are correct by checking the properties for the inbound rule.


My ports are unblocked and my inbound rule is set. What’s next?

Now we need to run the actual RUNE II server. Included in your game directory are the server files needed to host your own server. For the purpose of this example, that directory is “M:\Epic Games\RuneII\Server”. Your server folder should look similar to this:

To run a default server, double click on “RunCoopServer.bat”. Once you run this batch file, a command line should open. When your command line looks similar to this, then your RUNE II server is online!

Okay, I have my server up but I want to change the settings, how do I do that?


There are a couple of ways to do this, the first is to make a copy of the game mode’s batch file that you want to run and edit it using a simple editor like Notepad. 

start RuneRagnarokServer.exe /Game/Maps/Game/Main?Port=7777 -serverLocation=”local” -serverName=”Server Hosting FAQ” -pvpEnabled=false -maxPlayers=8 -weaponDamageScale=2 -log LOG=CoopServerLog.txt 


The second way is to enter the command line and arguments each time you run the server. Finally, there is also the serverconfig.txt, however a command line will override this.

Command line to start Rune server:

start RuneRagnarokServer.exe {profile.map}?Port={port.gamePort}?QueryPort={port.queryPort} -serverLocation=”{servergroup.region}” -serverType=”Official” -serverName=”{servergroup.regname}-{profile.serverName}{servergroup.ServerIndex}” -pvpEnabled={profile.pvp} -log LOG=ServerLog{serviceId}.txt


What are the server options I can set?


Here are the options you can play with. Remember, not all of the options have been tested and may not perform in a completely optimized way. If you want the best experience, play on officially hosted or rented servers!


  • {port.gamePort}
    • is in the range [7777..7877]
  • {port.queryPort}
    • is in the range [28315..29015]
  • {profile.map} is:
    • /Game/Maps/Game/Main
      • For Cooperative play (PvE)
    • /Game/Maps/dm/DM_dm_raid_large_01
      • For DM play on raid map(PvP)
  • {profile.serverName}
    • Friendly name for servers based on this profile
  • {profile.pvp}
    • pvp enabled [True | False]
  • {servergroup.region}
    • region [us-east | us-west | europe]



  • ?Password=”PASSWORDGOESHERE” in your custom command line details.
    • Adds a password.
    • Passwords are case sensitive and must be typed exact in order to join a server. Failure to provide a correct password will boot you to the main menu.
    • Note: This feature is experimental.

 The rest of the settings can be made inside the \Content\Config\ServerConfig.txt, or added to the command line with ?key=value?

 NOTE:  The command line overrides what is stored in the ServerConfig.txt


  • serverName=NoName
    • # Server name exposed to players
  • serverType=NoType
    • # Type of server [Official | Unofficial]
  • pvpEnabled=False
    • # Whether to allow PvP       [True | False]
  • pvpKillCount=20
    • # PvP option: Kills before end of match [1..oo]
  • pvpMatchTime=180
    • # PvP option: Seconds before end of match [1..oo]
  • pvpTimeOfDay=Cycle
    • # PvP option: Time of day setting [day | night |
  • weaponDamageScale=1
    • # All game modes: Weapon damage scaling (for example 1.0 = default damage, 2.0 = 2x damage) [0.1 .. 10.0]
  • runesAvailable=All
    • # All game modes: What runes are available [All | God | Basic | Nothing]
  • weatherSettings=Cycle
    • # All game modes: Weather settings [cycle]
  • godCursesEnabled=True
    • # All game modes: God curses [True | False]
  • targetingEnabled=True
    • # All game modes: Z Targeting [True | False]
  • maxPlayers=16
    • # All game modes: Maximum players allowed in match [2..24]
  • RagnarokTime=43200
    • # Single player/Cooperative option: Seconds until end of match

P.S. If you are in the future (past March 2020), the links above may not still work.

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