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Rune Pantheon Part I

06 / 27 / 18
Rune Pantheon Part I

Midgard has fallen. Fire and frost have consumed the lands. In order to survive Ragnarok and destroy Loki, you must call upon your god to aid you in your final quest. But, which god will you choose?

Odin | Spear | Wisest of the Gods

Perhaps you’ll pledge your allegiance to Odin. After all, he gave his eye to ascertain worldly knowledge. Surely, he knows Loki’s whereabouts. Only the Allfather is smart enough to prepare you against the army of enemies that await you during Ragnarok. Honoring him will also provide you a strong foundation for your journey through Ragnarok.

Hel | Axe | Ruler of the Dead

Don’t be fooled by Loki’s daughter – her intentions are her own. While her time in the underworld has made her strong and fast, on Midgard her powers diminish quickly. A fitting god to say the least, but can she be trusted?

Thor | Hammer | Strongest of the Gods

A warrior of the truest sense, Thor can outlast all other gods and attack with a mighty force. Though, not the smartest or fastest of the bunch, he’ll stay on the battlefield long after his enemies have perished.

Your journey will be greatly influenced by your choice, warrior. The skills you seek, the blessings you receive, and the weapons you wield will be shaped by this choice. Choose well. Mankind depends on you.

Take our quiz to learn which god will aid your journey through Ragnarok.

Freya and Loki will be available after Early Access.

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