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RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.372 Patch Notes

03 / 10 / 20
RUNE II Public Test Realm 1.0.372 Patch Notes

RUNE II PTR 1.0.372 Patch Notes – March 10, 2020

Player Combat
* Improved environment-based recoil for long weapons like 2 handed swords and hammers
* Added a red glow to the player’s heavy attack.
* Increased max stamina to 300.
* Made stamina no longer prevent dodging/lunging. Instead, dodging/lunging is still possible but is slower.
* Food no longer restores health.
* Added a hunger system.
* Hunger caps your stamina, decreasing your max stamina as you get hungrier. Eating food counteracts hunger.

Movement and animations
* Added new blade recoil animations for all weapons for male and female characters
* Updated dodge animations
* Fixed an issue where players could dodge in midair while dodging left.
* Goodbye, flying Viking.
* Added a dodge roll that can be done during regular dodge.
* Added a winded animation state when the player is at low stamina.
* AI now smoothly rotate toward you when they start running after you instead of snapping their rotation.

* Dramatically decreased the rate at which all enemies will drop weapons or armor.
* Now, all enemies are more likely to drop consumables, ammo, or crafting materials.
* Reduced amount of force runes to come out of small chests.
* Added teleport runes, stamina runes, and health runes into small chests loot pool.
* Increased all metal drop rate from Loki chest in Vigrid Plain.

* Enemies now get higher in level the further out you get from Heimdall’s tower.
* There are some exceptions to this, such as the tutorial island of Old Wotenkeld.
* Adjusted “dodge per level” and “block per level” for all enemies against players
* Increased frequency of AI jump attacking you
* Increased range that AI kung fu circle around the player
* Fixed an issue where AI would interrupt their own lunge attacks
* Rebalance all the enemy resistances and reaction types
* Made enemy lunge task take the correct time according to the actual animation.
* Sped up some heavy attacks that were currently too slow.
* Allow AI to dodge while attacking in certain cases.
* Scaled up AI attack speed with their levels.
* AI at level 1 attack at .8 speed.
* At level 50 they’ll be at 1.3 speed.
* Added visual differentiation of all human enemies.
* Updated wolf pathing to ensure it doesn’t get stuck.
* Fixed an issue where AI would dodge but not play their dodge animation correctly.
* Rescaled all AI in preparation for future changes.

Open World Events and Levels
* All enemies now have a level that is displayed by their name
* Updated enemy conning colors based off level difference vs player level:
* Artifact bosses and high value targets: purple
* Over +10: Red
* Over +5: Orange
* Over +1 Yellow
* At level: White
* Under -1: Blue
* Under -5: Green
* Under -10 Grey
* Open World Level Zones:
* White: 1-50
* Green: 1-10
* Yellow: 4-25
* Orange: 8-35
* Red: 18-45
* Purple: 30-50
* Black: 40-50
* All Open World Events (OWEs) now have a level range in accordance with the above zones.
* All Open world events scale to nearest player level even if they’re not explicitly triggered by a player.
* Added base damage of 100 to player.

* Adjusted the Age of Night so players can see themselves better while keeping the age dark.
* Updated weather transitions within the Age of Night
* Updated visuals on the Age of Frost
* Adjusted Sky brightness and snow coverage for Age of Frost.
* Added post processing settings to make Age of Frost more bleak and isolated.
* Added support settings for smooth curves instead of linear for day/night cycle transitions.

* Toned down Berserk Rune post processing effects.
* In layman’s terms: No more “the worlds gone mad” vector lines.


The best place to give us feedback is on our official forums in the PTR Discussion Section or on our official Discord. Please note that the changes we have made are in prototype – there may be bugs and there may be balance issues, or unpolished rough edges. Please make an effort as you’re testing these to distinguish between needed fixes or tweaks, and core concepts that just aren’t working.


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