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10 / 07 / 17

Loki is a master of manipulation and often finds himself in opposition to those closest to him.  More often than not, his self-indulgence and fondness for pranks are what put him in these uncomfortable situations in the first place. However, through his charm (and the fact that he’s Odin’s blood brother) he’s able to quickly win the god’s trust and stay in their good graces.

Loki’s shapeshifting ability comes in quite handy when his intelligence and wit are unable to free him from dangerous situations. He has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to ensure that he’s free from harm’s way. Despite these circumstances, Loki perseveres and, more often than not, walks away the clear winner of each of his troubled encounters.

But Loki’s charms did not stop the other gods from chaining him to a rock while a snake dripped venom onto his body. But, Ragnarok released Loki from his shackles. He’s free to exact his revenge on the other gods and on the world itself.

If you’re cunning enough to pledge allegiance to Loki, rely on your supreme intelligence and quick wit, but be leery of venomous creatures and the other gods. Loki may be Odin’s blood brother, but some feuds cannot be easily resolved.

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