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July Facebook Live AMA with Chris Rhinehart

07 / 11 / 18
July Facebook Live AMA with Chris Rhinehart

What happened to The Rune Recap? We’ve upgraded to live Facebook AMA’s and very soon we’ll be taking things up a notch with live Twitch streams of Rune. Until then, check out our latest AMA with Project Director Chris Rhinehart to learn more about his plans for the game.

Does HH plan to release a road map come Early Access? A lot of game devs are releasing these as their games come out.
Absolutely! We will have an Early Access road map because we have big ideas for what’s to come for Rune, but we also want to know what the community wants to see for the game. Community feedback is important to us and we can’t wait to get more people playing the game.

How do I get a beta key?
Sign up for our email list to be entered to win a key. The next playtest will be July 21, 12:00pm – 4:00pm CDT and we’ll do another key drawing before that playtest.

Being that it’s within the same universe as the original, and is named as such, will there be an inclusion of the “rune powers” and/or berserk mode?
Yes, both of these are currently in the game. Rune powers are a little different in that they’re not associated with a given weapon anymore. Rune powers are based on consumables that you can find in the world (or given to you by your god). So far we have health, stamina, berserk, and a jotun rune.

Will there be a “free look” button?
We don’t have that right now, but it’s a great idea. We’ll add it to our wishlist.

Are there any open-world activities unique to Rune?
We have our own spin on open-world activities. There’s a lot of:

  • Exploration: including fighting enemies
  • Raids: Raids are universal per server, so you’ll be notified when raids start and can complete them together (PvE), or fight against each other (PvP)
  • Quests: We have a quest system that dynamically merges quests if you are around other people, so you can complete them together. More quests will unlock as you level up your character and explore more of the world. Quests can be unlocked through Loki Stones.

What will we need to earn god favor? Is it regular XP points which we invest freely or some sort of favor points specially for the blessings tree?
God favor is unlocked by going on quests and leveling up. You can use the favor to unlock skills, etc. in the skill tree.

Is there a limb system in the game?
Yes! There is a limb system in that you can sever your enemy’s limbs and beat them to death with it. You can sever arms, legs, and heads. You can use a health rune to recover an arm, plus we’ve added the ability to eat with your left hand. That might sound like small thing, but imagine getting your right arm cut off and not being able to eat.

Will there be ways to gain extra favor aside from completing the story? Like optional challenges tributed to your god, sacrifices, defending or upgrading shrines, exploring the land and finding lore?
We’re looking into this right now. We do have a few areas where you can rebuild items in the game. For example: there are vaults in the game where you can store items so you won’t lose them when you die. We’re working on a way right now to fix vaults that may have been damaged during Ragnarok.

Are there both permanent and temporary blessings?
Right now all of the stat boosts are temporary, but we’re looking at permanent boosts as well. You can unlock areas of the skill tree that are more permanent.

Are there curses which affect your stats?
There are not curses that affect your stats right now, but we do like the idea and it’s on our wishlist. If you have ideas, head to the forums and let us know!

Will we need to appease Aegir for successful travel?
Great idea. For those of you that don’t know Aegir – he is a sea giant. It’s not in the game right now, but it would be funny to try to add in the future. If you have more ideas like this – head to the forums and let us know.

What kind of non-hostile creatures can players expect to encounter?
It’s Ragnarok, so most of the creatures you encounter will be hostile. Some of the fauna will not be hostile and you can hunt them for food. However, they may get aggressive if you pick a fight with them. Right now, fauna includes deer, wolves, and boars.

Will any of the islands have cave systems or interior areas to explore?
Yes, some of the islands do have interior areas (caves and forts). The caves are not deep, dungeon-like caves, but that’s on our wishlist for the future.

How will the story be delivered to players?
There are a number of ways the story will be delivered:

  • There is god VO that provides context to the overall story based on the quests you select.
  • There are lore stones throughout the world. Interacting with those stones will give you information about the world, stories about what happened to the area near the lorestone when Ragnarok began, and some lorestones even grant you special recipes!

Are there any current planned improvements for combat, and would you be willing to detail them?
Yes we are planning updates to combat – PvP and PvE.

PvE: We’re working on AI improvements including how enemies perceive players (how they acquire and lose players). We’re also optimizing the enemy replication system and changing the way that enemies choose to attack you. We’re making the AI more dangerous and doing a balance pass. Overall, this will make combat more strategic.

PvP: What this question likely meant was: “How are we going to make the combat feel more like original Rune?” We’re looking into this and evaluating spin attacks, speeding up weapon attacks, adjusting the combo system, and reintroducing double tap dodging. We’re also doing another weapon pass to make sure everything is balanced and useful.

Will modding/mod tools be made available with release?
Probably not immediately on release, but we want this to be implemented very shortly after release. Check out this forum post to let us know what modding options you’d like to see.

Will there be non-viking related content?
We don’t have plans for this right now. We have other cultural references in the game, but nothing explicitly non-viking related.

How will Rune appeal to collectors? I think the average RPG-player is like a dragon: hoarding stuff and sleeping on it, making base for acquiring more stuff to hoard.
There are a lot of interesting things to collect in the game (weapons, armor, rune powers) and we’re balancing how to make these things useful. Weapons do have durability, so they will break over time. We did this so that players will experience a number of different weapons during gameplay. There is a weapon proficiency system in the game that will allow you to unlock additional skills for that weapon.

Will there be personalized space?
Will you be able to build an area and put vaults and crafting anvils there? We don’t have initial plans for players to build their own base. In Rune, you’re more of a nomad going on different quests and raids, but we hope to add base building down the road.

Will we see weird creatures in Rune, in the same way we saw weird, untypical stuff for a viking setting in the original in the way of the dangler fish, goblins, tubestrikers, giant moths, giant crabs, and so on?
There are some weird creatures in the game now, and more that we hope to add after Early Access. We have special versions of some of our common creatures that will be added as well. We don’t have giant crabs or tubestrikers in the new Rune.

Can you give some background info on some of those weird concept art creatures from the original?
At the beginning of the original Rune, you’re on a ship and get knocked into the water. So, you start by having to swim up to the surface. Because we had the underwater swimming mechanic, we wanted to have a lot of creatures in the water. Our initial thought was to use these creatures to guide you through the area. After that, we developed an ecosystem and it grew from there.
Then we started to develop ideas for other large creatures – beetles, crabs, etc. Eventually we found unique ways to use these creatures to advance players through the game.

What are you working on right now?
Right now our focus is on:

  • Quests and raids
  • More story elements
  • More god interactions
  • Additional creatures
  • Server settings
  • Additional weapons and new armor sets
  • Our female model!
  • The first time user experience Adding more music to the game
  • Doing an overall balance

Can you talk about how other open world games like Skyrim influenced your game in terms of storytelling sequences?
We don’t have traditional NPCs in the game that tell you a story and give you quests. Our quests and stories come through during Loki Stones.

Will the decisions players make in quests affect the overall story of the game? Or will there be major quests that might have an influence on the story depending on the results?
There are not decision trees in the game or areas where your decisions impact the outcome of the game. The gameplay will be impacted by your selected god, though.

Has a Battle Royale mode ever been discussed for much later after release? The mechanics in Rune seem like it’d make such a fun and new experience.
We don’t have plans for a Battle Royale. The concept of Ragnarok (the Norse Apocalypse) is actually kind of a Battle Royale, but our game is structured differently.

Will there be any end game content?
We’re looking at this now – additional level caps, new areas to unlock, and clever ways to use existing content.

Are there going to be quests where you need more people to be able to finish it? Will be there “public events” or something when random things happen and you need more people to finish it?
We’re looking at this now. There aren’t currently any quests in the game that require other people. We love the idea of more public events and have plans for these beyond Raids.

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