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Gods in Conflict

10 / 25 / 18
Gods in Conflict

“Ragnarok will never end, for Loki still lives and the gods will never rest.
Winter will never end, for the trickster has not played his final trick.”

The Nine Realms are trapped in a perpetual apocalypse which has forced the gods to seek help. Using their divine power, mankind will rise and do what the gods cannot – defeat the trickster Loki and end Ragnarok forever.

In your journey through Midgard, you will witness a world plagued by monsters and the undead. Before you search the realm for Loki’s whereabouts, you must choose which god you will serve. This task should not be taken lightly.

These gods share the desire to end Ragnarok, however, they do not agree upon the path to reach this goal. Each of their situations differ, as do the blessings and guidance they offer.


Thor, son of Odin, is destined to be killed during Ragnarok by Jörmungandr, one of Loki’s many sons. Because of this terrible fate, he wants to reset the world to the way it was long before Ragnarok. As mankind and Midgard’s greatest protector, Thor feels it is his duty to save the people who placed their faith in him.

Aligning with Thor will give you strength at the cost of your speed. After pledging yourself to Thor, he will bless you with the power of thunder. Calling upon this blessing will give you the ability to wield the power of his hammer, Mjolnir, for a sweeping attack that electrocutes all in its path.


It has been foretold that Odin shares a similar fate to his son. The wise Allfather sees himself as the steward of the natural order, so in his eyes, his own death doesn’t matter; he welcomes it as a sign that all is going according to plan. Externally calm and in control, he is internally enraged by Loki’s perversion of destiny.

If you choose to become Odin’s champion, you will begin with a strong foundation. Odin’s blessing allows you to eradicate your foes by calling upon the family of Huginn and Muninn.



Hel, ruler of the netherworld, is not destined to die during Ragnarok. As one of the few gods escaping death, Hel plans to escape to Nastrond’s shore of corpses aboard her ship of nails. Here, she will establish a new realm after slaying Nidhogg, the dragon destined to be the underworld’s new ruler. Along the way, she will enlist a champion to help her take revenge on her father Loki for invading her realm and stealing her army of undead Draugr.

Aligning to Hel will make you resistant to the draugr’s poison, with the caveat of less health. The queen of the underworld will also bless you, giving you the ability to summon ice shards from the depths of Midgard.


Although all three of these divine beings wish for Loki’s demise, they are by no means allies. As Thor attempts to thwart the trickster god, he must also go against his father’s ideals of maintaining natural order. Hel is also at odds with the Allfather, who cast her into the netherworld to begin with.

You will begin your ultimate journey as a heathen, a Viking without divine ties. It will be your duty to decide between these gods and become their champion. Choose wisely.

“Gods appeared then, from the circles upon high, the embodiment of tales once told
Now seen, and they cast their shadows over us as winter took its hold.”

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