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A Giant New Enemy in Rune

11 / 07 / 17
A Giant New Enemy in Rune

You’ve carefully curated your Viking clan, ensuring the proper balance of Norse god alignment. You’ve weeded out the weaklings, crafted the most powerful weapons, and are ready for the most dangerous quest yet. As you and your friends traverse a foggy island to the North, climbing higher and higher through colder, more frigid weather, you hear a rumbling through the trees. The fog clears and an enormous beast five times your size emerges. A lone giant mercilessly tears through your party, leaving you as the lone survivor.


(Concept art created by Randis Albion)


Last week, Project Director Chris Rhinehart announced that we’ve recently added giants to the roster of enemies you’ll encounter as you try to end Ragnarok. These gargantuan beasts come with different abilities and attributes such as wielding giant weapons, ground pounding, and boulder throwing. (There may even be a few that have their own god alignments and are dedicated to protecting their territory.)


(Concept art created by Vance Kovacs)


Not only does taking down one of these giants yield great rewards, but your encounters with them earn you special weapons, armor, and rare materials that allow you to craft epic items. While giants have traditionally played an integral role in Norse mythology, these giants are unlike any you’ve ever encountered. They’re bigger, scarier, and drop exclusive loot and crafting materials.


(Concept art created by Karl Kopinski)


Why are these giants so much scarier than those you’ve seen before? You’re not going to want to face them alone, you’ll need to craft the highest-quality weapons in order to defeat them, a blessing from your god couldn’t hurt, and collecting as many Runestones as possible will work in your favor.


(Concept art created by Vance Kovacs)


Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes articles on the concepting and execution of our giants. Have questions for our development team? Ask us on the forums! We’ll try to include your questions in an upcoming episode of The Rune Recap.

Note: Prior to February 28, 2018, Rune was titled Rune: Ragnarok

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