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Facebook Live AMA w/ Chris Rhinehart – 6/5/2018

06 / 06 / 18
Facebook Live AMA w/ Chris Rhinehart – 6/5/2018

Vikings from near and far joined our Facebook Live AMA with Project Director Chris Rhinehart earlier this week. Questions were gathered from Facebook, Twitter, the forums, and our blog to help you prepare for the Open World Closed Alpha that kicks off today!

EU servers will be live today, June 6, from 2:00pm – 4:00pm CDT and US servers will be live from 6:00pm – 8:00pm CDT. As a reminder, server space is first come, first served so be sure to get there early. During the AMA, Chris shared a few tips for surviving Ragnarok so watch the video below and leave us some questions for the next one!

Will there be other elements in combat like magic attacks?
There are magical weapons in the game including fire, frost, and poison weapons. There are also small throwables that can kill enemies by lighting them on fire, or poisoning them.

Can enemies use ranged combat?
Yes. Enemies can use bows/arrows and then also utilize the throwables.

What are Loki Stones?
Loki Stones are found in various parts of the world and, when activated, give you quests to help you find and destroy Loki. They are level-based, so you’ll unlock more as you level up your character.

Will there be PvP and PvE server options?
Yes, there will be official PvP and PvE servers. This will also be a server setting that you can control on private servers.

Will the beloved arena mode make a return?
Not in the initial release, but we are huge fans of this mode as well. Stay tuned!

Will headball make a comeback?
No. We’d like to bring it back someday, but it won’t be included in the initial release.

What is the overall size of the world?
Midgard will be 3km x 3km. The world is fractured into different sized islands with a variety of biomes, each impacted differently by Ragnarok.

What types of crafting systems are being implemented?
There is not a timed component to crafting. If you have the necessary items, you can go to a crafting station and create the item immediately. There are a few items that you craft in the field as well – arrows, rafts, etc.

Will the game have a map and item editor similar to the previous one or the ability for mods in general?
Head to the forums to let us know what you’d like to mod! We want to support modding, but it will be added after the initial release.

Does a weapon do more damage based on the amount the swing?
There are different directional attacks with various combos. We don’t have a system where the attack does a different amount of damage upfront and then tapers off.

Will reverse and straight overhead throwing make a comeback in the game?
No, but there will be a designated throw mode.

Will we be given server admin rights again, allowing us to change and modify anything we want in-game in servers where we have admin access?
Yes, you will be able to set up your own servers and adjust a variety of settings. Which ones? Head to the forums and let us know what you’d like to see.

Will modding allow us to also modify which server options/modifications are available when we’re hosting?

What options/systems will exist to encourage clan/guild communication and play?
We’re talking about this right now and will release more information in the coming months.

Will spectator mode and some kind of recording system be in the game to encourage Rune video creation?
Initially we will not have a spectator mode.

Will crouch mechanics make a return (including crouch attacks)?
We don’t have crouch in the game right now and don’t have plans to immediately add it, but we are looking into adding it in the future.

What will be customizable? Clothes? Weapons?
In the open world, clothes and weapons will have stats to them. No customization will be offered initially, but there will be hundreds of items available to pick from!

Do you have horned helmets?
Yes, we do have horned helmets….and helmets without horns. Some helmets even have antlers.

What is the deal with leveling in Rune?
There is leveling in Rune. You level up through a variety of activities like questing and exploring. As you level up, you gain additional health, damage, etc. You’ll also unlock god favor, which are similar to skill points. You’ll unlock different skills, runes, recipes, nad quests as you gain divine favor. Enemies will have different levels as well.

How does respawning work?
When you die you drop a bag of all of your stuff. When you respawn, you have to do a corpse run to go back and retrieve your items. You’ll be able to unlock different respawn shrines as you explore the open world. The bag will also show up as a waypoint in the world so you can collect your things. Other people will be able to take your stuff, so you better run!

There will be vaults in the game where you can store items so you don’t lose them. The vaults are universal, so you can access your items from any of the vaults in the world.

Are we going to have a riding system inside the game? if so, can we tame creatures to use them as a mount?
Yes, there will be a riding system in the game. It may not be included in the initial release, but we do have plans for you to be able to summon and tame creatures that can be used as a mount.

Will we be able to store our loot on a ship?
You can’t do that right now, but we do have a universal vault system where you can keep your items.

Will improvised weapons have lower durability than regular weapons?
Durability is constant per weapon in the world.

Will there be dynamic weather in the game, or will it be set/static for every area?
Yes! Some of the dynamic weather you will encounter includes rain, snow, blizzards, and the occasional clear skies.

What about day/night cycle?

Having played the first Rune game (including the pen and paper RPG from Atlas Games!), what changes can I expect? There are many of course, but what are the main differences from the original? And what has NOT changed?
Rune Classic is very linear while the new Rune is open world and allows for exploration and adventure. Rune Classic is also centered around Ragnar and his story, but in the new Rune you can select your own character and align with a god of your choosing – Thor, Hel, and Odin will be available at release. Loki and Freya will be added shortly after. The skill tree will also vary based upon which god you choose.

From the original, there will be lizard eating, mead drinking, meat consumption, dismemberment, limb throwing, weapon throwing, and rune powers.
We’ve added a variety of features including ranged weapons, mounts, sailing, co-op play, a vast open world, and god alignments.

Also, Chris failed to mention that Lee Ernst, the original voice of Loki and Odin, is back in the new Rune!

Will crafting be level-based?
Yes, as you level up you’ll be able to craft more complex items.

Is there dodging in the game?

How does your rotation impact your attack?
You can’t rotate during attacks right now, but we’re trying to allow it as much as possible in the future.

Will the handaxe stick in any wood texture?
Not right now, but we’ll look into it.

How grindy will the game be?
The game is designed in a way that allows for interesting quests and raids in a relatively short amount of time (15-20 minutes).

How do we navigate?
There is a map in the game that will display areas you’ve discovered. The map will show Loki Stones and allow for waypoints to help with navigation. The Loki Stones will also emit a beam when active to direct you to their location.

If there’s a damage to weapons and shields, can we fix them?
There is damage to weapons and shields but you cannot currently repair weapons.

Will we be able to craft a weapon from broken pieces of other weapons?
Not currently.

Can we craft inventory belts to upgrade your carrying capacity?
We’re looking into this right now. There is currently a limit to the total number of weapons you can carry.

Can we craft a ship alone? Can we hire NPCs to boost the building speed or have them make special equipment for your ship, like onboard weapons, fire-resistant coating, extra durable sail or something?
Yes, you can craft a ship alone. There are not NPCs to help you craft faster. There are not currently plans for special equipment on a ship, but it’s on our wishlist!

Can we use flexible things like ropes, chains or whips as weapons?
No. We don’t have flexible weapons.

Where will the story take place?
The story takes place in Midgard. There are a variety of fractured islands for you to explore.

How do you heal a severed arm?
You can use a health rune or eat food.

How will ship docking be handled?
We don’t have designed docks, but you can see on the map where you left your ship.

Will there be some sort of achievement system?
Yes, there will be Steam Achievements.

What actions drain stamina?
Jumping, running, attacking, heavy attacking, and getting hit while blocking all drain stamina. You don’t lose or gain stamina when you block, but you’ll be knocked down if you’re blocking and run out of stamina.

How will servers work?
We’re solving some of those challenges now with personal servers and server hosting. Let us know which server settings you’d like to see in this forum thread.

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