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Closed Beta #2: Open World July 7

07 / 06 / 18
Closed Beta #2: Open World July 7

The next Closed Beta test begins tomorrow, July 7. Servers will be live from 12:00pm – 4:00pm CDT. Has your clan been notified?

Vikings from near and far will venture to Midgard again for a four-hour battle this Saturday. During our last playtest, the community rallied together and unlocked TWO never-before-seen islands. Enjoy those new islands, you’ve earned them.

If we get enough brave warriors to Midgard this week, we’ll unlock our new frost weapons in the next playtest. Think you’re up to the challenge? In addition to the new islands, this week’s update includes:

  • More PvP and PvE servers
  • Improved enemy animations, attacks, and hits
  • Improved Loki Stone quests
  • Updates to the first time user experience
  • More input from the gods
  • Ships!!!
  • Sailing access to Fossa and Upakar islands
  • Increased environmental destruction from Ragnarok
  • Model and animation updates to the deer, wolves, and boars
  • More armor variations for players and human enemies
  • More work on raids
  • Added HUD element for the time of day
  • Mysterious countdown clock in the HUD

Important Notes:

  • For now, the skill tree only shows your kills per weapon (more skill tree updates coming soon)
  • The world size is limited but bigger than the last beta test – turn back or die! But really you should turn back because if you die in the ocean you won’t get your stuff back
  • Player level cap added

All key winners will have access to the July 7th beta test! Remember – enough warriors on Midgard this week means shiny new frost weapons in the next playtest.

Who’s going to be there on Saturday?

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