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RUNE II 1.1.14691 Patch Notes

05 / 30 / 20
RUNE II 1.1.14691 Patch Notes

Horde mode:

  • Added a horde mode.
  • Waves of enemies will attack your village with one goal: Destroy the god statue.
  • God statue HP displays HP once it has taken damage.
  • Defend against the horde attack to be rewarded with loot and experience!
  • Added text-only dialog for horde events.


  • Added loot to Vigrid Plain versions of Unyielding Warriors, Draugr Jarls, Fire Giants, Frost Giants.

Villages and Villagers:

  • Drastically increased the cooldown on villagers saying “HEY”. 
  • Removed anvil, whetstone, and rune forge from all longhouses. 
    • They can be found in the forge, armory, and the village respectively.
  • Adjusted weapon barrels by the forge.
  • Fixed an issue causing lorestones to overlap with geometry.
  • Added destructible god statues
  • Moved cabin placements around in preparation for future updates.
  • Fixed an issue causing villagers to punch.
  • Fixed an issue causing villagers to deal friendly fire.
  • Disabled collisions on the villagers.
    • No more villagers blocking your way!

User Interface and User Experience:

  • RUNE II now pauses in single player when the pause menu is open.
  • Updated Main Menu news box buttons for summer roadmap
  • Update “Host Game” button to correctly point to https://rune2.com/servers
  • Updated second “save” in server browser to “favorite”
  • Added a “save game” button to the pause menu.
    • Save button is hidden in multiplayer, as RUNE II saves on the server.
  • Added a “GAME SAVED” popup after the save takes place.
  •  Increased font size in lore menu
  • Improved visuals in the character stats/level-up UI.
  • Increased saturation and contrast on mouse-binding icons for UI.
  • Added icons to equipment slots when they are empty, depicting what the slot takes.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop equipment into slots on the paper doll.
  • Removed the text “salvage to learn recipe”
    • Recipes can be learned by reading Lorestones.
  • Added “salvage to receive” to item tooltips. 
  • Added a “workstations” crafting tab to the UI. 
    • Only lists recipes that require a station the player is nearby. 
    • Interacting with a crafting station will now open this tab instead of any other.

Enemy Behavior:

  • Updated enemy behavior when combo attacking.


  • Dodge roll (Space + ASD) travel distance reduced.


  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to T-pose when dying.
  • New villager walks, idle, and taunt animations.

Player Loot:

  • Gear now automatically unequips when their durability reaches 0.
    • Previously would automatically destroy itself.
  • All WEAPONS now break on 0 durability 
    • Excludes Realm weapons
  • Updated materials gained from salvaging an item.
    • Hold Left Mouse + Right Mouse while hovering over an item.


  • Enabled re-aligning with Gods at the divine summit.

Hunger System:

  • Increased food healing rate.
    • Now scales based on constitution stat.


  • Updated audio leveling.
  • Updated attenuations.
  • Added master sound slider.
  • Added dialogue slider.
  • Updated player voice sounds.
  • Updated Giant sound effects.
  • Updated Gjallarhorn sound
  • Fixed an issue where villager dialog could endlessly loop.

OWEs and Open World:

  • Adjusted weather effects.
  • Significantly adjusted waterways.
  • Adjusted mini-boss spawns throughout the world.

Ages of Ragnarok:

  • Adjusted Age of Fire to be less red.

Misc Fixes:

  • Increased optimization on graphics, sound, and engine.
  • Increased optimization on environmental assets.
  • Deleted floating foliage and geometry in the world
  • Fixed an issue causing FOV to be reset after god alignment. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing left and right arrow keys from being rebound.
  • Fixed an issue where side-quests would award blank item rewards with long names.

Known issues:

  • Quest progress may reset after the Vigrid Plain.
  • Keys cannot be rebound successfully if the target key is in use.
    • As a workaround, please make sure the key you want to rebind is not already being used.
  • Standing on the left side of an unbuilt farmhouse may cause players to become trapped in geometry once built. To unstuck yourself, fast travel out using a bifrost gate on your map.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files.

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