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    RUNE II Spring 2020 Roadmap

    Hi everyone! I’m very pleased today to share with y’all something that has been asked about for a while: The RUNE II Roadmap. This roadmap will be updated monthly as our development team continues working on RUNE II. Here are the things that we are going to be working on over the next few months:

    • Combat

    We feel that combat in RUNE II needs a lot of improvement. We’re in the process of redesigning combat flow and touching a lot of the core systems. For example, some of the changes we’re looking at are making blocks timed instead of currently being held indefinitely, expanding “pain delays” so you can’t spam your weapon while getting hit, and removing stamina drain from light attacks. Currently we are in the initial implementation and balance stages of this. Look for more information about Combat 2.0 coming soon.

    • Ages of Ragnarok

    In Quality of Life patch 1 that we put out on January 30th, we made the Age of Night significantly darker. Our plan is to turn the current Ages of Ragnarok up to 11 by making them more distinct with a ton of visual polish. Additionally, we’re going to be tuning and balancing the design of each Age to make it feel as unique of an experience as possible. For instance, what if the world map changed and some areas that were inaccessible in a previous age were now able to be explored? Plus, an oft-referenced Age may see its return…

    • Core Loop improvement

    We’ve heard your feedback that the core loop of getting artifacts to fight Loki is too monotonous and repetitive. We are talking a lot internally about ways to break that up. What if the Ragnarok Timer didn’t start until you completed a number of actions in an age? What if there was no timer at all? What if the artifacts gave you bonuses within Midgard based on how and when they were collected? Within this core loop, we’re additionally looking at ways to make the world feel more alive. 


    • User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

    rune ii design eval - ui 1

    rune ii design eval - ui 2

    There are so many improvements we want to make to the user interface and user experience of RUNE II. In no particular order, here are some of the things that we’re looking at: Visual loot differentiation. Inventory management. Search bar for recipes. Auto-grouping items and recipes. Auto-sorting items. Gear comparison. Character UI and paper dolls. Quick move, quick drop, quick dismantle, stack cooking. Compass improvements, co-op map waypoints. Better stats. Path focusing. Accessibility options. 

    •  Bug Fixing, Optimization, Quality of Life Updates

    We’re constantly working on fixing bugs and optimizing RUNE II. We want as many people as possible to be able to run RUNE II on PC and not have to worry as much about system specs. This will be an always-ongoing effort. Similarly, Quality of Life updates are always at the forefront of our minds. When you interact with these systems on a minute-by-minute basis, all the little tweaks and improvements add up to make the experience that much better. 

    • And more!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for how we want to update RUNE II. From making the loot that you get more meaningful to reworking character progression and animations, our small but mighty team is excited to get to work on making RUNE II the best game it can be. Additionally, we are looking into the best ways to improve upon RUNE II’s PvP mode, like adding new PvP maps and more game modes like Arena and Headball. We are also looking at the best ways to integrate mod tools and mapping support into RUNE II. When we have an update on these topics, we’ll share more information.

    For keeping up on all things RUNE II, go to, join the epic Viking war cry on our official Discord, like us Facebook, Instagram and follow us on Twitter.

    Be sure to check out the patch notes for Quality of Life Patch 1 or the RUNE II January Monthly Update if you haven’t yet!

    Thank you for your continued support of RUNE II. 

    -The RUNE II Dev Team

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    I think the most important improvement would be removing the timer. I would like to have different missions to accomplish every age, and, after doing them, being teleported to fight Loki (harder to beat at the end of every age, but also dropping better loot)

    In fact, I didn’t know of the timer when I bought the game, and after some time, I stopped playing Rune 2 because of it. I expected a more progressive RPG, with main and side missions, places to explore taking your time and improving your character with certain strategy…

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      Removing the timer, or letting the player control when it starts, is one of the things that we’re exploring to change the core loop. Stay tuned for updates!

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    (Apologies if this end up double posted, your forum was acting oddly)

    All sounds very promising. Here are some of my thoughts fwiw.

    Stamina / Combat / Runes:

    Replace stamina with rage buildup and make light attacks “free” as the team is considering.
    Heavy attacks would then consume some of this rage buildup on use.

    Replace the current consumable combat specific runes with permanent, more powerful versions of themselves along with some new ones which would require more & rarer materials to craft. These new runes would be placed in a socket on armor / weapons, can be hotkeyed and then powered by rage buildup. Maybe even add some passive runes, such as one that would increase the amount of rage build-up or add to health pool, combat stats, etc.

    Make all hotkeys user definable.
    Remove the emote wheel hard binding from middle mouse click and make it user definable. (some have been asking for this since the closed betas)

    Attack / Block timings:
    Rune 2 is an action hack an slash so bring the *action*. Timing blocks and timing swings to perfectly chain attacks is for other more serious melee games imho. Ease up on the swing timings for light attacks. Make speed a priority over accurate timing. Fast and brutal if you will. For PVP, add flags / mutators (whatever you call them in unreal) to optionally tighten up attack timing, activate use of block timing and then let the server admins decide to use it or not.

    Countdown to Ragnarok / Through the ages:
    Liking the idea of the world changing up a bit as you pass through the ages. Could also add some unique “Age themed” gear that gives benefits to being used in certain ages but becomes detrimental in others.

    Loki and his fireballs:
    Gets tiresome after a bit. Give him some new tricks and randomize it.

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    Good morning,

    I am very happy to read about these upcoming news. I love Norse mythology and such a title, it could become fantastic with the right support.
    I will follow the development!

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