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    Welcome to the first part of our new overhauled Narrative Update for RUNE II.
    Creating a new character for the Public Test Realm is STRONGLY recommended.

    * Added Chapter 1: Age of Awakening of the overhauled story to RUNE II.
    * Chapter 1 includes a new narrative, new quests, a new critical path, a new core loop, and more!
    * Ages of Ragnarok will now traverse linearly.
    * Each Age will have a different boss to fight within the VP (for now they are all still Loki).
    * When you successfully defeat the Age boss or get ejected, the age advances.
    * Player will win the game when beating Loki in the final age.

    * Removed Agefall quest in Chapter 1: Age of Awakening.
    * Added multiple new critical path main quests.
    * Added multiple new side quests.
    * New quests can be discovered by speaking with villagers and exploring the world.
    * Gjallarhorn cannot be blown until a specific quest is completed.
    * God villages cannot be built until quest prerequisites are met.
    * Fixed an issue where opening quest dialog would play over the intro video.

    Redesigned Tutorial:
    * Added Redesigned Tutorial to the main menu.
    * Redesigned tutorial removes everything but Old Wotenkeld island from the world map.

    Bifrost Gates and Player Respawning:
    * Removed the ability for players to choose which bifrost gate they spawned at upon dying.
    * Changed the respawn system >> Bifrost Gate Attunement
    * If you are not attuned to a gate, you will spawn at age specific player start
    * Interacting with a gate that you’re not attuned to will “attune” you.
    * “Attuned” gates show up highlighted in yellow on the map and become your active respawn point.
    * When dying or relogging, you automatically respawn at attuned gate
    * Fast travelling to a gate will not automatically attune you, you can choose to do so upon arrival.
    * When losing a fight in the VP, you are specifically attuned and respawned at heimdall’s gate.
    * When winning a fight in VP (i.e. Age change) your attuned gate is reset and you spawn at the Age-Specific player starts
    * Teleporting to a Bifrost Gate via the Map now costs 1 teleport rune
    * Added player spawn points at different locations per specific ages.
    * Fixed an issue where players couldn’t spawn if save data or attunement wasn’t correctly found.

    Building Destruction:
    * All buildings have been overhauled and can now be destroyed!
    * Buildings have multiple states of destruction: Built, partially built, damaged, destroyed.
    * Added particle effects to building destruction
    * Added sound effects to building destruction

    * Added temp voiceover dialogue for all new characters and dialogue.
    * Updated ambient sound in Age of Treachery
    * Fixed distance attenuation for thunder
    * Added attenuation for dragon
    * Updated sound cue for dragon w new attenuation settings
    * Updated sound class and volumes across multiple STORY audio files (chapter 1)
    * KNOWN ISSUE: Heimdall dialogue ignores volume sliders.

    Villages and Villagers:
    * Increased the landscape around existing villages.
    * Added new Heimdall village with additional villagers.
    * Added the Seer.
    * Increased building and god statue health.
    * Mead barrel now gives mead once every 2 minutes.
    * Whet your whistle!
    * Villager NPCs now look at the player when focusing on them.
    * Updated villager wave animations.
    * Updated villagers to be visually unique per village.
    * Fixed an issue where foliage would appear in built buildings.
    * Fixed an issue where villagers could greet the player while giving a quest.
    * Known issue: Protect the Statue quest may fail to be acquired if Viveka grants the quest outside of the Village.

    Loki Encounter
    * Dying in the Loki encounter will now send you back to the previous age and set your attuned Bifrost Gate to Heimdall’s tower.
    * Successfully completing the Loki encounter will send you to the next age.

    * Fixed an issue where the mead mead dwarf and deer wouldn’t flee.
    * Updated AI behavior when blocking and circle strafing. There should be less waiting in between stuff.
    * Made enemies better at attacking structures and god statues without looking out of place.
    * Added new roaming elite and quest enemy variations.

    * Updated Villager taunts, waves, idle, and walks
    * Updated double-tap dodge animation blends.

    User Interface and User Experience
    * Removed artifacts screen.
    * Game now pauses in Single Player when opening the inventory, map, or adventures menu.
    * Background is desaturated while game is paused
    * Progress bar on consumable inventory slots stays “filled” until the game is unpaused and the item is used.
    * Added side quest tracking.
    * Show the current selected sidequest task in the left hand quest panel.
    * Show side quest waypoints on the map and in the world.
    * Updated compass UI to make it more prominent and larger.
    * Show main quest and side quest waypoints in the compass.
    * Updated HUD icons for main and side quest tracking to match ingame waypoints
    * Increase the size of the main quest widget, and use a different texture for side quests.
    * Changed the color of sidequest waypoints to blue to distinguish from the green main quests
    * Updated UI for Side Quest Complete
    * Added rebuild UI to player HUD when a structure is damaged but not destroyed.
    * Reposition camera for character paper doll
    * Adjusted damage number sizing.
    * Significantly increased various text sizes throughout the UI
    * Updated Rune of Teleport description to state that it’s a currency for fast travel in Midgard.
    * All “toast” and “feedback” events now use the same UI widget popup system as item pickups
    * Updated dialogue speaker icons with villager faces.
    * Added teleport rune particle when a gate is successfully attuned to.
    * Added tooltip for horde mode
    * Updated localization entries for tips and FTUE keys to be more correct with our new features.
    * Fixed an issue where the inventory UI would flicker
    * Fixed an issue with incorrect gate colors on the map.

    * Added Seer Hut building
    * Optimized character textures.

    OWEs and Open World:
    * Removed Old Wotenkeld island from campaign map.

    Multiplayer Campaign:
    * Players may experience unintended side effects when playing multiplayer.
    * Quests are tracked per player.
    * We are looking at changing this system in the future, after the narrative update is completed.

    * Reworked artifact functionality.

    Ages of Ragnarok:
    * Removed all repeatable Ages.
    * Completely removed The Ragnarok Timer.

    Misc Fixes:
    * Increased optimization on graphics, sound, and engine.
    * Implemented save versioning for world save files, which will also nuke all old world saves for people.
    * Dodge roll now always corresponds with actual travel direction, and you can’t jump while staggered
    * Fixed an issue that caused old character data to persist after dying.
    * This could result in an unwanted collision with Bifrost Gates or respawning under the map.

    * Added a preview of [REDACTED] mode to RUNE II.
    * Added a way for players to find [REDACTED] mode inside of RUNE II.
    * Find it for yourself. Good luck!

    Known issues:
    * Heimdall dialogue ignores volume sliders.
    * Protect the Statue quest may fail to be acquired if Viveka grants the quest outside of the Village.
    * Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
    * Villager dialog may use the wrong voice over.
    * We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
    * May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is STRONGLY recommended.

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